How to add files to an existing ZIP file on Windows 10

Zipping files compress them so they take up less space on your hard drive, and the smaller ZIP files can more quickly be shared with others or transferred to other computers.  On the surface of it, the zipped file appears to be a closed off container that nothing can be added to but you can add files to an existing ZIP file pretty easily. Here in this post we discuss how to add files to zip folder windows 10, Also see How to add files to an existing zip file.

How to add files to zip folder windows 10

You can zip files and/or folders in Windows 10 directly from File Explorer.

  • Select the files and folders,
  • Right-click and select Send to,
  • Then select the Compressed (zipped) folder option.
  • The zipped file will be created in the same location where the original files are located.

How to add files to zip folder windows 10

Add files to existing Winrar file

But What if you want to add a file to an already zipped file? The easiest way to add files to an existing ZIP file is to drag and drop them onto the zipped file. You will see a ‘+Copy’ tool. When you release your mouse and the files, they will be added to the zipped file. The files be added to the root of the zipped file. You won’t find it in a separate folder inside the zipped file.

How to password protect zip file

Windows 10 allow you to create a zip file, but you can’t create a zip file with a password without the help of third-party tools. There are plenty of free tools out there to create a password protected zip file. You can use two popular tools WinRAR and 7-Zip (free) to create a zip file with a password.

  • Download WinRAR from here and install the same by double-clicking on the downloaded setup file.
  • Once installed, right-click on the file that you would like to password protect, and click Add to archive option to see the Archive name and parameters dialog.
  • Enter a name for your archive (password protected file in this case), and select ZIP as archive format. Be sure to select ZIP as archive format as WinRAR uses its .RAR as archive format with default settings.
  • Click on the Set password button to enter a password to protect your file. Once entered, re-enter the password for verification before hitting OK button.
  • That’s it!

Create password protected zip file

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