Solved: AirPods paired but not connected windows 10 laptop

Here how to pair and connect AirPods to windows 10 and troubleshoot AirPods won't connect to pc or keeps disconnecting and reconnecting on windows 10

Have a question on your mind, Do Apple AirPods work with Windows 10 PCs? The answer is yes, Apple AirPods are not restricted to use with apple hardware only, you can use them on Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth inside. Here in this post, you will learn how to pair and connect AirPods to windows 10 and troubleshoot AirPods won’t connect to PC, AirPods paired but not connected or AirPods keep disconnecting and reconnecting on a windows 10 Laptop.

How to connect AirPods to windows 10

If you got new AirPods and looking to pair and connect it with your windows 10 laptop, follow the steps below.

Note: make sure AirPods are at least 40% charged and they are inside the AirPod case.

  • On your Windows 10 PC/Laptop Press the Windows key + I to open settings,
  • Click on the device then Bluetooth on the left,
  • Or from the start menu search type Bluetooth & other devices settings and select the first result.
  • Here make sure to toggle on the Bluetooth option, then click on add Bluetooth or another device.

Turn on Bluetooth

  • Next click on Bluetooth

Add Bluetooth device

  • This will start to discover available Bluetooth devices,
  • Let’s Open the cap of your AirPods’ case, Press and hold the circular button on the rear portion of the charging case for few seconds and release the button when the light inside the case blinks in white color and starts flickering.
  • Look at your windows screen your AirPods are discovered in the “Add a device” window, click on it to connect.

connect airpods

  • That’s all this will automatically pair and connect your AirPods with your windows 10 laptop.

AirPods paired but won’t connect

If you are unable to connect your AirPods that were previously paired with windows 10, apply the solutions listed below.

  • Make sure your AirPods are charged,
  • Bluetooth is turned on for the device you want to connect.
  • Reboot your PC and try to connect AirPods again.
  • Open Bluetooth & other device settings, Here toggle off and toggle on the Bluetooth option.

Turn on Bluetooth

Set AirPods Default Device

Here the solution works for most users if Airpods won’t connect to pc.

After pairing your AirPods, open the Sound Control Panel and set the Default Device to Headphones – AirPods Pro Stereo. The earbuds will then automatically connect when they are out of the charging case.

  • Right-click on the sound icon located right side on the taskbar, and select sound,
  • Here, under the playback tab look for headphones (AirPods), right-click on it and set it as the default device.

set airpods pro stereo default

Restart Bluetooth Support Service

Again problems with Bluetooth service may also cause difficulty to discover or connect Bluetooth devices. Let’s check Bluetooth service is running or restart the service.

  • Press Windows key + R, type services.msc and click ok,
  • This will open the windows services console,
  • Scroll down and locate Bluetooth support services check the service status
  • If its already running statue, then right-click on Bluetooth service select restart,
  • If the service is not started then, right-click on Bluetooth service select properties,
  • Here change the startup type automatic and start the service next to service status.
  • Click apply and ok and try to reconnect Airpods with windows 10 PC.

Bluetooth service

Reinstall your Bluetooth driver

Problems with the Bluetooth driver may also cause the problem to connect discovered Bluetooth devices on windows 10. Try to update or reinstall Bluetooth drivers following the steps below.

  • Right-click on the Windows 10 start menu, select device manager,
  • This will display all installed device driver list,
  • locate and expand the Bluetooth section
  • Right-click on your Bluetooth device driver, select uninstall,
  • Once done reboot your PC, on the next start this will automatically install the Bluetooth driver for you.

AirPods keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

If you notice the AirPods won’t stay connected to windows 10 or AirPods keeps disconnecting and reconnecting repeatedly, apply the solutions listed below.

  • Open device manager using devmgmt.msc
  • Click on the ‘View’ tab and select the ‘devices by type‘ option.
  • Expand Human Interface Devices and locate AirPods Audio/Video Remote Control HID
  • Right-click on it and select ‘Properties,
  • Mo to the ‘Power Management’ tab and uncheck the ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power‘ box.
  • Do the same process for AirPods Hands-Free Call Control HID.
  • And check the status of this problem.

Remove hidden Bluetooth drivers

Still need help, remove the hidden drivers for Bluetooth and then pair the AirPods once again.

  • Press Windows key + R type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter.
  • Click on View and click on Show hidden devices.
  • Go to Bluetooth and expand it.
  • Now uninstall all the greyed-out devices.
  • Restart the PC. Once you restart the PC, try pairing the Bluetooth device and see if you can get connect them.

Tweak registry entry

Here a user suggested registry tweak to help fix the problem AirPods keeps disconnecting and reconnecting on a Windows 10 PC.

Open windows registry using Regedit,

Nevigate to following key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{e0cbf06c-cd8b-4647-bb8a-263b43f0f974}\0000 >New “String Value” > Name it PnPCapabilities and set value 24.

Did these solutions help fix AirPods keeps disconnecting and reconnecting or Airpods won’t connect to windows 10? Let us know in the comments below.

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