Android Says No Service or no signal Here How to Fix it

Sometimes you might experience “no signal on your Android phone” or Android Says No Service. It’s frustrating especially during the times you needed your phone the most. You might be thinking why Does my android says No Service? This is a common issue and can be caused by many factors including hardware Problems, a null IMEI and more. If your Android device has stopped receiving network signals or you might thinging Why Does My Phone Say No Service, the following guide will be useful for you.

How To Fix Android Says No service error?

So we’ve compiled eight possible solutions for the Android No Service issue or SIM card detection issue. Let’s check the steps below and find out if one of them can solve your ‘No service or signal’ problem!.

Restart your Android Device

The easiest and fastest solution that you can try is to restart your device. Restarting your device is one of the most recommended solutions and found very effective! This will fix different problems and errors on android devices such as “sim card not detected error” or “No service error”. Try a hard restart, When you hard restart your device it temporarily Clears glitches, helps to solve some minor bugs and refreshes your Android System. It will definitely bring back your service or signal. Here’s how,

  • Press and hold the volume down button and the Power key for 10 seconds. This will force your device to power off and turn back on.
  • When the logo shows, release both keys and wait until the phone has finished rebooting.

Remove the battery. (If Possible)

This may sound silly, but removing your battery and inserting it again will help you with these errors. Turn off your phone and unplug it from any power source. Remove the battery and wait for 30 seconds or more, and re-insert it. And switch on your device.

Re-insert Your Sim Card

If your android says no service or Sim Card not detected then it might be possible that the sim card is not seated properly. The SIM can become misaligned, or it may not have been installed correctly. So make sure you have placed the SIM Card securely into your device. For that purpose, you have to remove the sim card from its tray and again reinsert it properly.

Airplane Mode

Another very effective solution to the no service or signal issue on Android is Enabling Airplane Mode as it disables Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and turns off the cell phone’s ability to connect to cellular networks or disconnect the signal manually. So, By enabling and disabling Airplane mode on your Smartphone, you’re effectively restarting features like cellular connection, Wi-Fi connection and refreshing all Network Settings. This will definitely help you to bring back your device network. What this does is detach the phone from the cell tower, then reattach it again.

Manually Select Network Operators

Usually, all Android devices connect to your phone company network operators automatically. If this network is not available or Android says no service then, you can deactivate the option and search for mobile networks yourself. This will enable you to select network operators manually. Here’s how,

  • Launch Settings on your device.
  • Tap on mobile networks and disable the “automatically select network” option.
  • Now you can see the list of networks available in your area.
  • Select the correct one, and see if this fixes your android no signal problem.
  • You may have to restart your Android device after selecting the preferable network to see if these changes take effect.

Run a Ping Test

One of the reasons an Android device may show “No Service” or “No signal” is because it’s connected to a disabled cellular radio signal. This fix isn’t quite as easy as navigating menus or holding down some buttons; but it’s not that technically hard, either. All you have to do is follow the simple steps,

  • Open your phone dialer
  • Key in *#*#4636#*#* and call it to enter Service Mode
  • Locate and select Phone Information or Device Information
  • Select Run Ping Test
  • Once the test ends, check the radio data at the bottom of the screen and enable the radio if it’s turned off
  • After this is set, restart your device.

Correct Bad ESN

A bad ESN isn’t a problem with a cell phone, it’s a problem with the cellular carrier. ESN is short for Electronic Serial Number, if it’s Corrupt ESN then you may find no service error on your android device. Sometimes the ESN can become dislodged or nullified. It’s a very complex matter to explain here. But it can be solved easily and it’s very effective. Here’s how,

  • Open the phone’s dialer and insert (*#06#) to see the ESN
  • If the ESN reads as null, then it may be corrupted, which will require some solutions to rectify
  • If the ESN looks okay, open the dialer again and key in (*#*#197328640#*#*) or (*#197328640#) to launch Command Mode
  • Select the Common option and then Option 1 for Field Test Mode (FTM)
  • If FTM reports as ON, then it will need to be turned OFF — hit the menu key before leaving the Command screen and follow the next steps to deactivate it
  • Return to the key input and now select Option 2 to disable FTM
  • Remove the SIM card and the battery from the device, wait for two minutes, then reinsert the battery only
  • Turn the phone back on and open the dialer once more to key in (*#197328640#) this time
  • Select Debug, Phone Control, Nas Control, RRC and then RRC Revision, which will correct the void ESN issue
  • Select Option 5

Restore Factory Settings

Some problems are harder to resolve than others, and sometimes how to fix the no signal or service Android requires a more aggressive solution. Consider resetting your phone to factory settings(Reset your phone to factory settings)

If the above solutions have failed to solve Android says no service error then one can have an option to reset their device entirely to fix the issue.

IMPORTANT: A factory data reset will remove all data from your phone. While any data stored in your Google Account will be restored, all apps and their associated data will be uninstalled. Before you perform a factory data reset, we recommend backing up your phone.

If the problem continues with your Android no signal issue or SIM card not detected error, consider advanced troubleshooting. Please note this is a last resort if all other options have failed. Because this process will delete all apps and data from your Android, it is essential you back up your device.

For factory reset you can follow the following steps.

By Recovery mode.

  • Turn your Android device off.
  • Simultaneously press and hold the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons to boot into Recovery Mode.
  • Use the volume(+,-) buttons to navigate the Recovery Mode menu
  • Using the Volume buttons to scroll through the menu, highlight Wipe data/factory reset.
  • Press the Power button to select.
  • Highlight and select Yes to confirm the reset.
  • Once the reset is complete, you will be bounced back to the same recovery mode menu. Press the Power button to select the Reboot system now.

Manually By Settings,

  • Firstly, Go to settings scroll down and click the accounts and sync option then you will see your Google account click on that then click the more icon and remove your Google account.
  • Then again go to settings, click about the phone, then select the backup and reset icon.
  • After that, you will view the icon name erase all data(factory data reset) click on that, type any password (if you have one). Then your Android device automatically reset your phone to factory default.


So, we have done some of the most common and effective solutions to fix “No Service and Signal” on Android devices. Hopefully, these troubleshooting solutions helped you fix your no signal issue on Android. Good luck!


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