6 Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android Phone (Audio Recording Apps)

Wanna record your own voice? Besides taking photos, playing music or watching movies, Voice recording is another great feature provided by Android. It’s possible because your Android grabs audio from any source within the range of its inbuilt microphone. So what is the best voice recording app for Android? There are many third-party best voice recorder Apps for Android devices that can record crisp audio. However, Built-in Android voice recorders work great for daily usage to take notes and record your voice, although they don’t have many features. Those third-party voice recorder Apps for Android can’t suddenly turn your phone into a professional recording mic, but they can surely help if any singer may want to record a tone/or short voice note, journalists need to record interviews, and it will help you if you want to see if you talk in sleep.

Here are the Best Audio Recording Apps for Android! In this article, we will cover all the major apps including Best free voice recorder app for Android too.

Best voice recorder app for Android 2023

Here are the top apps that can record your voice on Android.

Best voice recorder apps
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ASR Voice Recorder

ASR is one of the best sound and voice recording apps for Android available on the Play Store. It can Record meetings, notes, lessons, songs, and much more. It’s the best free Best Audio Recording App for Android and without any limitations on the recording time. It has adaptive recording formats like MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, M4A, AMR. You can group your recordings by tab/label. It has its own Playback speed controller. There is also cloud integration for easy upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. More features include a dedicated pause and discard recording button, a Customizable recording folder, skip silence mode, gain to increase or decrease the volume of recording, delete and share multiple recordings, record and play recordings while the app is in the background, listen while recording with headphones, record from Bluetooth headset microphone.

Dolby On

By using Dolby On you can transform your phone into a powerful recording tool with just one tap. Record songs, sounds, instruments, podcasts, rehearsals, voice memos, ideas, lyrics, beats, and more with incredible audio quality! Dolby On is the only free recording app with cutting-edge Dolby audio technology. It’s the best free voice recorder app for Android. It has all the features that one recording app needs. It’s simple to use and provides crystal clear audio with little to no hassle. The sound quality in recordings is incredible with almost no background noise which makes it the Best voice recorder app with noise cancellation Android.

Android’s Stock Audio Recorder

Want to record voice without downloading any third-party software?  Your very own Android can do that job. Your Android device already has a fully functional recording app. Open the app, press the red button, speak, and hola! You can immediately record the voice without any charges. It allows background recording, one-tap sharing, and much more. Although, it has limited customization features.

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder is a fun, simple, and easy-to-use audio & voice recorder. Easy Voice Recorder is your everyday companion to record important moments. Capture meetings, personal notes, classes, songs, and much more, without time limits!. It is one of the Best Audio Recording Apps for Android.  There is no lag when you hit the record button. The app saves the file the instant you hit the stop button (no loading or buffering), and the audio quality is very clean! Customizable file naming is an absolute win! Download it now from the Google Play Store. The app can also automatically attempt to reduce background noise if you want it to. Which makes it the Best voice recorder app with noise cancellation Android. The pro version removes the advertising from the free version. ($3.99)

Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is an audio recording app for musicians. Need a Google Play Editor Choice music and voice recorder? Representing music maker Jam!. The Music Maker & beat maker free music app for all music creators, DJs, and producers, whatever your level is. Music Maker JAM is an easy-to-use song maker app Android, that creates or remixes amazing music beats and tracks using loops from a variety of musical genres including Trap, EDM, Rap, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, House, Garage, Pop, Rock, and more. The app records multiple tracks includes an editor for fine-tuning your production and additional tools for remixing and otherwise mastering your work

Whether you’re an experienced beatmaker or just exploring for the first time, this is the perfect way to make music! This app features will give you a music studio-like experience. It’s the best free voice recorder app for Android.

Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder is one of the best voice recorder apps for Android. Smart Recorder is a Free and easy-to-use audio recorder for Android. It has been specifically designed for high-quality and long-time recording with a clean and simple user interface.

With a skipping silence on-the-fly feature you can shorten recordings by omitting relative silence. It allows you, for example, to catch night sleep talks or maybe some snoring, whatever comes first. Since 2012 this app has been installed on more than 40 million devices worldwide and proven to be a reliable everyday tool. With a rating of 4.7/5. Download Smart Recorder the best voice recorder app Android from Google Play Store. It’s one of the good ones and the premium version is cheap too ($1.49).


Apps like voice recorders make our Android smartphones more productive and always have a special place on our smartphones. Many users need this type of best voice recorder app on their Android. And because there’s a ton of them out there, We have chosen the Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android available in the market. If we missed any of the best voice recorder apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments!.

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