Solved: Bluetooth icon missing after windows 10 update

Experiencing issues connecting Bluetooth devices on Windows 10? After Install the latest windows updates or upgrade to Windows 10 20H2 Bluetooth is disabled and can’t turn on/off from Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices and turn on or turn off the toggle under Bluetooth. Here a number of users report this issue on the Microsoft forum as:

I can’t turn Bluetooth on. On the Settings/Devices/Bluetooth & other devices page, no Bluetooth option appears. The linked devices appear in grey and say “Bluetooth is turned off”. There is no longer a Bluetooth icon in the Hidden Icons popup (that’s where it used to be), and Bluetooth isn’t offered in the Action Center.

For some users the problem is different like

  • There is no option to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10
  • Bluetooth won’t turn on Windows 10
  • Bluetooth toggle missing after Windows 10 Upgrade
  • No Bluetooth toggle in Windows 10
  • No Bluetooth switch Windows 10
  • Can’t turn on Bluetooth Windows 8
  • Option to turn Bluetooth on or off is missing from Windows 10

Fix can’t Turn On/Off Bluetooth on Windows 10

If Bluetooth is not enabled, or Bluetooth toggle missing after Windows 10 Upgrade there might be a program that is conflicting with your Bluetooth device, or that the Bluetooth service is not running. Also, there is chance the Bluetooth driver get corrupted while upgrade process or its not compatible with the current Windows 10 version. Whatever the reason, here we have listed some solutions to fix “Bluetooth connection problems” on Windows 10.

Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Whenever you face Bluetooth connectivity related problems, We recommend that you run the Bluetooth troubleshooter and let Windows find and resolve problems with your Bluetooth. Here’s how to run the troubleshooter:
  1. Select the Start button, then select Settings 
  2. Click Update & security Troubleshoot.
  3. Under Find and fix other problems, select Bluetooth Run the troubleshooter.
  4. Restart Windows after complete the troubleshooting process. Check this fixed the issue.

Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Check Bluetooth support Service Running

  1. Press Windows + R, type services.msc and ok.
  2. Here services window, scroll down and look for Bluetooth support service
  3. If its running, right-click and select restart
  4. If it’s not started, Double click on it to open its properties.
  5. Change the startup type “Automatic” and start the service
  6. Click ok to make save changes, Check this helps to Fix Bluetooth won’t turn ON in Windows 10.

restart Bluetooth support service

Enable Bluetooth from Device Manager

Note: Make sure Airplane Mode is not enabled on your device.

  • Press Windows + R, type devmgmt.msc and ok to open Device Manager.
  • Click on View and select Show hidden devices.
  • This will display the Bluetooth icon, Right-click on it and select Scan for hardware changes.
  • Check this helps, If not follow the next solution.

scan for hardware changes

Update Bluetooth Drivers

Normally Bluetooth needs the supporting hardware and software (Driver) to function properly. If due to any reason Bluetooth driver get corrupted, outdated or not compatible with the current windows version this may cause “Bluetooth icon missing”

Visit the Device manufacturer website (If you have Laptop then visit the laptop manufacturer website for the latest available blue tooth driver) look for the latest available driver version download and save it to your local drive.

  • Then open Device Manager (devmgmt.msc)
  • Check if there is Bluetooth listed there
  • If yes, expend the same and double click on installed driver software.
  • Move to the driver tab and perform

Rollback the Driver If there is rollback option, click it. This will revert the installed driver to the previous version.

Uninstall the Driver and Reboot the computer > The driver will be installed automatically when you restart

Manually install the driver: If both options didn’t work, simply Run the install the latest Bluetooth driver, previously you have downloaded from the Device manufacturers website. Restart Windows and check everything working fine.

Bluetooth not working registry fix

Try this registry tweak If non of above solutions didn’t resolve the issue.

  • Press Windows + R, type regedit and ok to open the windows registry editor.
  • First backup registry database, then navigate to the following path.
  • HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
  • Double click on Current version and change the same from 6.3 to 6.2
  • click ok to save changes, close registry editor and restart windows
  • Check Bluetooth problem resolved.

change Bluetooth version

Disable Fast startup (Windows 10)

One of the user reports turn off windows 10 fast-startup and then turn off your computer then on again help to get back the hidden Bluetooth icon. To disable the Fast startup option

  • WinKey -> type to search “Power & sleep settings
  • “additional power settings”
  • “Choose what the power buttons do”
  • “change settings that are currently unavailable”
  • untick “Turn on fast startup”
  • Save changes
  • turn off the computer then turn it on
  • Check this trick do the magic.

Did these solutions help to fix Windows 10 Bluetooth problems? Let us know on the comments below.

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