Desktop Computer vs Laptop Computer, what is difference?

Are you confused or not sure which one to purchase when laptop or PC? Want to know the difference, right? here a brief detail on Desktop Computer vs Laptop Computer, what is a difference.

Laptop vs desktop


The first one is simple. If you need a computer to take to anywhere you like, then get a laptop. However, if you just need a ‘Home Computer’ or one for the new office, then a powerful desktop PC is better suited.

It is easy to get lost when you say: “Uh.., I’d like a notebook to take to wherever I want!” Well, everyone would think about that! In my opinion, I would highly recommend you to get a PC if you practically don’t need the mobility. You’ll see my points in the ‘Performance’ and ‘Upgrades’ sections listed below.

Additionally, be deep thinking the following few questions when choosing a laptop vs pc in order to clear your mind:

  1. What are the top 3 most important things you will be doing in the new computer?
  2. Is it extremely important or fairly convenient to proceed with them anywhere?
  3. If yes, whereabouts? How often?

There is also a good option for you called ‘Netbooks’. I would only recommend this if you’ve already had a good computer and need checking mails remotely. Netbooks are usually small laptop computers that are used for light tasks like just surfing the internet, word processing, usage with internet-based tools, and reading purposes. They are cheap but not that powerful.


Secondly, think about the space of laptop vs pc. Are you severely space limited? Normally, the PC will occupy twice or even 3 times more than the laptop. So..for example, if you are having a very small desk or your room has not much space left, then probably a laptop is a better choice.

If you are thinking about getting a PC, make sure you do a measurement to the following:

  • Size of your Desk
  • Monitor Screen
  • PC Case
  • Keyboard

There are also some other strategies to save space too. A good idea is to get a computer desk, which enables us to organize the PC components in a compact way. Or you may want just to relocate the furniture in your room in order to get more free space.


How well do you need the computer to be? Usually, a desktop PC is much faster than a laptop (at the same cost). However, the laptop has been able to handle most stuff that we need. So if you getting a laptop, make sure it can run the particular software that you require.

For example, if your daily work is just about checking emails, surfing the web and occasionally, watching movies, then a laptop is good enough! Unless you are having demands for severe 3D Games and graphic design, a good graphic card is then very important.

So you really have to be sure with what you will be using your computer or laptop for, and pay attention to the following parts when choosing a laptop vs pc:

1. CPU

  • what is the speed? 1.6GHz or 2.5GHz?
  • How many cores? Dual-core or Quad-core?
  • Low voltage? (laptop only)

2. RAM

  • How much? 1GB or 2GB?
  • DDR2 or DDR3?

3. Graphics Card

  • Nvidia or ATM?
  • What series?
  • How much graphic memory? 256MB or 512MB?
  • On-board or separate? (laptop only)

4. Hard Drive

  • How big? 250GB or 350GB?
  • what is speed? 5,400rpm or 7,200rpm?


For future upgrades when laptop vs pc, certainly the latter one gives you more choices. There are more stuff you can add to the PC, and parts are cheaper as well. In comparison, the laptop can only upgrade the RAM and hard drive that’s the sad part about it.

If you’ve cleared what we have talked about in the ‘mobility’ and ‘Performance’ sections above, then don’t worry too much about this. Unless you’ve already known what equipment you are going to add to the computer.

And no one really knows exactly what we might upgrade in the future. And to leave options open, a PC is better. The following is a list of examples to upgrade for PC:

  • 7.1 or 5.1 speakers system (laptops only do 2.1)
  • A good sound card
  • A bigger LCD Monitor
  • Another hard drive

Well, don’t forget the sustainability. The PC is able to last longer by upgrading more advanced parts. Even if you upgrade your motherboard and get a brand new system, you could still keep your monitor, keyboard, and PC case. However, with a laptop, you can not do that.


Right, let’s think about how much you have to spend for now. If you are still confused about what we’ve discussed above, then the budget you claim could make a final balance to laptop vs pc. Whether with a high or low budget, you can always get a better PC than a laptop as talked in ‘Performance’ above.

Well, if you decide to buy a PC, make sure you don’t need the ‘mobility’ firmly. However, if it’s a laptop, you have to sacrifice the speed you could get from the PC. Anyway, the idea is to get a suitable computer that is powerful enough and at a reasonable cost, do you agree? I guess it’s a yes!

laptop vs desktop advantages and disadvantages



  • More convenient to repair or upgrade if needed
  • Parts (such as a keyboard) are more readily removable/replaceable
  • Generally, less expensive than laptops
  • Can hold more RAM than the average laptop
  • Larger screens and you can have dual monitors
  • Can smoothly run multiple browser tabs and programs simultaneously


  • Not portable (not ideal for employees who frequently travel)
  • Large towers and wires can look unappealing
  • Price may not include accessories that would otherwise be covered with a laptop
  • Setup can be intimidating



  • Mobility: employees can stay productive away from the office.
  • All-in-one purchase; no need to buy a mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc.
  • Minimal setup compared to desktop
  • Sleeker installation; no towers or wires to fuss with


  • More difficult to repair/replace parts
  • Parts are often specific to one type of laptop and can be challenging to find
  • Often the pricier solution
  • Challenging, or impossible, to upgrade CPU or graphics card

In my opinion, if you care about speed, go for the PC. Otherwise, stick to the laptop. It’s good enough to run most programs we need, and you can take it wherever you like. ????

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