Laptop Battery draining fast in windows 10? Here how to fix

Laptop battery draining in significantly less time after the Windows 10 1809 upgrade? There is number of reason cause Windows 10 laptop battery draining fast. Such as Brightness and screen light is very high, System load many unwanted Backup Programs and process, The battery is Very Old and not Compatible with Operating system Again Using Different or Duplicate charger type of charger. Or Choosing the wrong Power plan can also cause this Problem. If you are also struggling form this here how to fix a laptop battery that dies fast.

Laptop battery draining quickly

  • First of all, we suggest you Unplug any peripherals when not in use. No power peripherals get power from the laptop, which means that when the notebook is not plugged in, it runs out of battery power gradually.
  • Uninstall all the software that came with your computer that you don’t use. Just make sure not to uninstall drivers.
  • High brightness effects on your battery and your life too. High brightness is very harmful to your eyes. high Brightness consumes huge power of your laptop Please Adjust the brightness of Your laptop screen to lower medium level.
  • Similar to the power supply for the display, powering the keyboard backlight can also have consumption on the laptop battery. First, make sure to turn off the keyboard backlight when you don’t need it.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not needed. Both wireless adapters use battery power to scan the network and devices and stay connected.
  • Always Use Branded Chargers in your laptop.using a different type of duplicate chargers can hurt the battery life.
  • If your laptop is old you should probably know that battery lose its ability to store electricity. This happens to every electronic device after a while. You can try re-calibrating your battery by charging it and draining it to 0% a couple of times.
  • If this doesn’t work, try to see what is using your battery. In windows, do Ctrl+Shift+Esc to see what is using how much resources.

Check Which apps consume Battery

  • In the battery settings,  Click on the option ‘Battery Usage by app‘.
  • The ‘Battery usage by app’ window is displayed with all the apps and the percentage of battery consumption.
  • Identify the ones you think are using very high power, and see if you would like to restrict usage, disable, or remove the app/s.

Install the Latest Windows updates

Also, follow the below steps to install the latest updates through Windows updates and check if it helps to resolve the issue.

  • Open the Start menu and type Windows Update in the search bar.
  • Click on Windows Update and Check for the updates.
  • Download and install if there are any pending updates to be installed.

Turn on the Battery Saver Mode

The Battery saver mode allows users to control battery power consumption in order to have maximum on-time. By enabling the battery saver mode, your system will automatically restrict all the applications that are running in the background.

To enable Battery Saver Mode, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings and click on System.
  • Click on the Battery option on the left side of the System window.
  • Locate the Battery Saver settings and toggle the setting
  • Turn on the battery saver on automatically if my battery falls below.
  • Move the slider to a suitable position.

enable Battery Saver Mode Windows 10

Disable background apps

Many of the Windows 10 native apps run in the background to keep the information updated. But they also drain the battery, even if you don’t use them. Nevertheless,  Windows 10 has a dedicated section to enable/disable these background apps:

  1. Open Start Menu, click on Settings and then go to Privacy.
  2. Move to the Background Apps section and you’ll see all the background apps in the right panel.
  3. Just switch off the ones you don’t need.

Disable fast startup

  • Press Windows + R, type powercfg.cpl and ok
  • From the left-hand menu, choose “Choose what the power buttons do”.
  • Click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable”.
  • Uncheck “Turn on fast startup (recommended)” under Shutdown settings.

Replace the faulty battery

If the above solutions don’t work for you, most probably, it is a hardware issue rather than the software one. This means you should check the health of your battery.

  • To check the health of your laptop battery in Windows 10
  • Press Windows + R, type powercfg /batteryreport and ok
  • This will generate your laptop battery health report.

This report will tell you the designed capacity of your battery and the full charge capacity as well. If there is a lot of difference between the two, it is time to replace your battery.

check the health of your laptop battery

Did these solutions help to fix Laptop Battery drain issues in Windows 10? Let us know in the comments below.

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