Solved : Windows 10 scanning and repairing drive c stuck at 100

Did you notice After the Recent windows 10 upgrade Laptop/PC stuck at scanning and repairing drive C: for minutes or even hours? Or some other users report every time they power on PC windows 10 scanning and repairing drive C: stuck at any point 20% or even 99%. This is mostly because System files get corrupted while the Windows 10 upgrade process. Again if previously windows didn’t shut down properly or the System Shutdown unexpectedly due to the interrupted power supply that may also cause this issue.

Some other reasons such as corrupted Master boot record file (MBR), Bad sector or Error on HDD, which mostly cause windows 10 stuck on repairing disk errors, This might take over an hour to complete or Windows Stuck on Startup repairAutomatic Repair for an hour. If you are struggling with this startup error windows 10 stuck scanning and repairing drive here we have 5 working solutions apply to get rid of this startup error.

Fix scanning and repairing drive c stuck

Usually, Windows starts automatic repair when it fails to boot twice consecutively. And sometimes an error occurs during the repair process making it unable to proceed further and so it gets stuck in a loop. If your PC has entered this state, you obviously cannot access the bootloader settings, which are responsible for starting the repair process. To change it, you need to boot from a bootable media with the appropriate operating system you have installed.

Boot into Safe mode

You need to boot from Windows installation media. If you have an installation DVD with Windows 10, you can use it otherwise you can Create an installation DVD / Bootable USB using the windows media creation tool.

  • Boot from installation media skip the first screen and click on repair your computer as shown below image.

repair your computer

  • Next Choose Troubleshoot > Advanced option > Choose to Startup Settings -> Restart and press F4 To boot into safe mode and F5 to enable the safe mode with networking.

safe mode

Note: If windows fail to boot into safe mode that causes simply access Advanced options -> and open the command prompt. Then perform the command below shown on the next step.

Disable Fast startup Feature

Several windows users after disable the fast startup feature the error is gone for them.

  • Open control panel go to All Control Panel Items then Power Options
  • Click on change what the power buttons do then change settings that are currently unavailable.
  • Here, uncheck Turn on fast startup (recommended), Click ok and apply to make save the change.

turn off fast startup feature

Run SFC Utility

The next thing you must check if the corrupted system files causing the issue. Run the system file checker utility following steps below that scan for corrupted system files. If found any the sfc utility automatically restores them with correct ones.

  • Simply open the command prompt with administrative privilege.
  • Run sfc /scannow command to scan and restore missing corrupted system files.
  • Sfc utility will scan your system for missing corrupted system files if found any the utility will restore them from a special compressed folder located on %WinDir%\System32\dllcache.
  • Wait until 100% complete the scanning process.

Run sfc utility

DISM command

If Sfc Scan results, windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them Then Run DISM command: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth which repair system image and allow sfc to do its job. After complete 100% scanning process again run the System file checker.

DISM RestoreHealth Command line

Run CHKDSK to Fix Disk Drive Errors

Then run the chkdsk command to check for disk drive errors. Or you can add extra parameters to force CHKDSK to forcefully repair disk errors.

chkdsk C: /f /r

Note: Here command Chkdsk stands for Check disk Errors, C: is the Drive letter, /r for Locates bad sectors and recovers readable information and /f Fixes errors on the disk. 

Run Check disk on Windows 10

Press Y to confirm to run chkdsk on the next start and restart your PC. This will check the disk drive for errors and fix them if found any. Wait until 100% complete the process after this will automatically restart and start windows normally without any stuck at startup.

User suggested

Also, Some users suggest On safe mode Right-click on the Start menu and select Powershell (Admin). Then type repair-volume -driveletter x (Note: replace X with your windows installed drive C:) wait for 100% complete the scanning process. After that restart windows, This helps them to fix windows 10 scanning and repairing drive c stuck at 100.

These are some most working solutions to fix scanning and repairing drive every boot on windows 10. Have any queries, suggestions about this post feel free to discuss on the comments below.

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