5 Apps You Need to Stay Entertained in 2024

Staying entertained during lockdown is definitely a challenge and after over a year we are all out of things to do and see. Our iPhone quickly became out the main device for keeping busy, game apps have replaced board games with friends and Facetime is now the way to stay in touch with our friends. However, we are lucky to have access to the internet and can thank app developers for being the creators of out entertainment platforms.

There is an app for everything, and they have made many parts of our everyday super convenient, both before and after the pandemic. Here are 5 apps we recommend for staying busy and entertained during the lockdown.

Invest in Forex online

investment in forex

While this time in quarantine might feel boring and wasted, it can still be spent productively. Investing in stocks and forex has become a popular way to both get involved in the world economy, while still earn some money, hopefully. Investing can definitely be risky, but with the right information and thorough investigation in the firms you want to buy stocks from, you have the opportunity to both learn and earn. Etoro is a popular app for buying and selling forex and stocks.

Keep track on Instagram

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This is perhaps self-evident, but there is no denying that Instagram is one of the best apps to keep track of what friends, family and your favorite celebrities. While there might not be much happening in your every day, there will always be someone that are looking to show off what they are spending their days doing. Whether you are a longtime, loyal user or you are new to Instagram, it is packed full of entertaining posts that will keep you scrolling for days.

Use Tiktok for Endless Entertainment


Stating that TikTok is the home of endless entertainment is no exaggeration. The app currently has 689 million active users every month and is filled with videos for you to watch. The app is made for video sharing and gained popularity in 2019 after it was changed from musica.ly. The stars of TikTok share videos of themselves dancing, lip-syncing and making humoristic skits. Videos regarding workout routines, educational tips and animal videos are also among the entertainment you will receive by scrolling on TikTok.

Enjoy some solitaire games

While solitaire can be super addictive, it is no doubt a fun time-killer. You can play card games for hours and hours, maybe even without solving it a single time. It is a great way to play some game while still being a brain teaser. It offers something more than Candy Crush and Subway Surfer because it requires some skills and cleverness. There are plenty of solitaire apps on app store, try to find one that offers a large variety of games to stay entertained for a longer time.

Go for adventures online

This one probably only goes for singles. Finding love during lockdown isn’t quite as impossible as it might seem. Many of us are used to chatting with each other using nothing more than text and emojis. This also means that you are safe looking for men, women or others interested in getting to know you.

With these apps in mind, we hope you spend this time in lockdown playing games and scrolling through entertainment.

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