8 Instagram Tips for New Users to Get Started on the Platform

Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos with their followers, and to discover content from other users through the use of hashtags and the explore page

New to Instagram! Whether you choose this platform for fun or have the intention to grow your business or to become a famous influencer knowing as many pros and cons will definitely help you to get the perfect audience and also give you the advantage to grow one step further. There are a lot of people on this platform, enjoying themselves, growing their businesses, and much more, you can also have a similar or even better experience by using this social media platform. As we all know Instagram is dipping its roots and becoming the most popular social media platform day by day. On a daily basis, this platform is continuously growing and attracting more people.

What is Instagram?

Instagram (commonly abbreviated to IG or Insta) is an American photo and video sharing social networking service owned by Facebook. So where to start from? If you are not sure where to begin then in this article we will cover all major tips to get a great own experience and which will help to get a target audience (followers) and help you to increase your engagements.

What is Instagram
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Here are some great Instagram tips for new users;

Follow the personality/influencer that you like

It is difficult to get new ideas especially when you don’t have one. Finding new content is not easy! Particularly if you want to grow your account and you are considering yourself an influencer, content is mandatory. So how do you get one? Following some great personalities and influencers may help you to get out of this situation, they can inspire you as well as help you to get some new ideas. You can think of it as market research. Your influencer can be your role model or can be a person whose content and Ideas attract you the most.

However, before that all comes, it is necessary to figure out what you want to do on this platform and what is your aim or goal. If you successfully achieve your goal of becoming an influencer or a decent personality, you can earn money too.

Post interesting and colorful Photos

Posts! Posting new feeds like interesting photos and videos will also improve your experience. As Instagram is all about providing good stuff to your loved ones (followers), especially when you want more engagement and limelight. In this case, spread out your post from time to time, Whether it is intentional or unintentional, you shouldn’t forget to post for weeks at a time and then suddenly flood your followers with dozens of photos in a single day. So do it in a systematic manner. Remember, your goal is to post feeds that carry some emotions, humor, happiness, love, or something else. In short, your posts should describe something. High-quality feeds with interesting and colorful photos tend to get more attention on this platform. Users love to see new trends, so update yourself with the new trend running in the market. You can also give new ideas about photo poses to your fellow followers.

Focus on quality

Instagram news quality over quantity, as Instagram is a popular social media platform it requires quality feeds like quality Photos, quality videos, interesting content, etc. Rather than going for quantity, go for quality amounts of feed. In short, posting valuable content is more important than spamming your account with irrelevant posts. If you ignore the importance of quality feeds then automatically your followers and your account goes down. It is also a great Instagram tip for New users.

Filters! Don’t overuse it

Instagram has a bunch of filters you can apply to your photos as well as videos to automatically upgrade and enhance the look and style of that particular post, but that trend seems to have already hit a new level high!. People want photos and videos that are colorful, but relatively natural-looking and real as well. Although filter effects may be tempting, try to limit your use of them to keep the color and contrast as real as you can. So that it will enhance the quality of that post. Use only relevant filters.

Post often to keep your followers Engaged

Similar to other tips, the schedule is another great Instagram tip for new users. Be on time i.e your posts should be in a consistent manner, especially when your goal is to build a brand or else you want to be a popular personality. Once you start posting in a good manner or regularly you should carry it forward, and you will create expectations among your followers. For example, if you have been posting at least once every day, some people may find it surprising if they do not hear from your account for a couple of days. And ultimately they will lose their interest in your feed and unfollow you; it will also result in your engagements. So post constantly and be an active user.

Use Hashtags but in a relevant manner!

As per Instagram algorithms, people who use Instagram need hashtags to find the content they are interested in. If you took some time and scrolled through various Instagram posts, you would notice how the majority of them have multiple hashtags. So Using hashtags is a great way to increase your reach on Instagram, encourage more engagement and even attract new followers. But some users take these hashtags way too far!. Their captions are flooded with hashtags, many of which are irrelevant and need not be necessary. It may not seem pretty to the eye, but hashtags are necessary to reach potential audiences. So what we are trying to say is use relevant hashtags which describe your posts. Before posting something find out which hashtags are trending in the market and use it wisely. But always keep in mind that including too many hashtags in a single post may have a negative effect on other users. Try to include 3 or 4 hashtags which is relevant to your post. And since finding the right algorithms of hashtags may take time, do not be afraid to test different variations and see which hashtags bring the best results.

Do not purchase followers

There’s a lot of hype in today’s era for buying Instagram or any other platform’s fake followers. And it’s true that you can get some big numbers for pretty cheap. The problem with buying them is that they’re often mostly fake and inactive. Your account may look a little wired to users or real followers who see that you have many numbers of followers (eg. 20000), but almost no likes or comments on your day to day posts and feeds. Stick to real followers/engagements, as we said quality is more important than quantity.


What if your Instagram account grows by thousands, yes! It is possible. The more people you reach out there the more your account grows, so getting a shoutout by using a simple technique like doing s4s i.e, shoutout for shoutout S4S is a simple trade – other users agree to give you a shoutout on their page if you give them a shoutout on yours. This is actually the main technique used by many Instagram users to grow their accounts. It is a great Instagram tip for new users.


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) and proxies can be a lifesaver if you decide to create multiple Instagram accounts i.e, a network of accounts instead of sticking to a single account. Of course, managing multiple profiles at once would be impossible on the same IP address. That is why you need proxies and a VPN. It will help you to run your profiles smoothly without any problems.

What is VPN? A virtual private network provides privacy, anonymity and security to users by creating a private network connection across a public network connection. It changes your IP address too. So that you can manage your multiple profiles at the same place by using the same network with the use of VPN.

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