How to Backup iPhone to PC or Mac? (3 different ways explained)

iPhone has stored your important data like contacts, chat history, files, etc. No one wants to lose contact with business partner or other important persons. Like you backup the important data on Computer, your iPhone data also needed to be backed up. If you are thinking about how to backup iPhone to PC or mac, Here in this post we have 3 different ways to backup iPhone to iCloud or PC.

How to backup iPhone?

what is the importance of backup, why you should regularly backup your iPhone? If you lost your iPhone, you could recover most data from the previous backup. Which data should be worth backing up? Before you decide that, how about making a full iPhone backup so that you would never regret not saving certain data.

Some people love to backup data to the local partition on the computer and some people love to upload backup files to the cloud. Actually, you could easily complete both of them. A safe backup strategy also needs both online and offline backups. In the next sections, you would know the most popular ways to backup your iPhone data.

How to backup iPhone to iCloud?

Backing up iPhone to iCloud is the fastest way to save your data because you don’t need to install software on your computer or connect iPhone to the computer. The whole process would be completed on your iPhone. The only factors you need to take into consideration are iCloud storage and Internet speed.

You have 5GB of free storage and usually, it is enough to store one full iPhone backup because the data in the server like the apps themselves won’t be saved into the backup. The network condition should be stable or the process might be stuck forever.

The steps to backup iPhone to iCloud is simple:

  1. Make sure you have connected iPhone to Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap the Settings app on the home screen.
  3. Tap the name you are using for Apple ID.
  4. Select iCloud here.
  5. Select Backup then.
  6. Enable iCloud Backup.

You could leave the task to iCloud because it would automatically make an iCloud backup at night. If you feel like backing up your iPhone right now, tap Back Up Now.

How to backup iPhone to Mac or PC (with iTunes)

iTunes is also the popular software for making iPhone backup. It is also the official iPhone backup software from Apple. iTunes and iCloud save almost the same data but if you have already saved data like photos, messages, etc. to iCloud, iTunes won’t save the data again. Compared with iCloud, you could save unlimited iPhone backup on your computer for free and there is no need to wait when the network condition is poor.

Just install iTunes on your computer and make iPhone backup by one click.

  1. Connect iPhone to the computer with USB cable and keep the screen unlocked.
  2. Open iTunes and click the iPhone icon below the menu.
  3. Click Back Up Now to make an iPhone backup.

The whole process might take 15 minutes. After that, you could unplug your iPhone from the computer.

Backup selected iPhone data to computer

iCloud and iTunes would make full iPhone backup but both of them won’t let you see the specific data. The data would be unveiled only after you restore the device. If you wish to see your data before backing up them, try new method.

AOMEI MBackupper is a free iPhone backup software. It can be used to backup your photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages from iPhone to computer.

See how it makes your iPhone data viewable.

  1. Install AOMEI MBackupper on your computer and connect iPhone to the computer with USB cable.
  2. Select Custom Backup on the home screen.
  3. Click the icon of the iPhone features to view data.
  4. Preview your data and select the items you need. Click Backup then.
  5. Click Start Backup to quickly make an iPhone backup.

Your iPhone could data should be really important and the best way to protect the important data is making iPhone backup. This passage has told you 3 methods of backing the iPhone. Pick the one you like to save what you want.

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