Best Free Duplicate Photos and File Finder Apps For Android

Duplicate Photos and files are the largest junk part of our android smartphone. These duplicate Photos/files eat up our necessary memory leaving us in lack of storage. As we know, for a perfect photo shot we often take more than the necessary pictures, but later on, we forget to delete those unnecessary ones. In this scenario, those duplicate Photos make their space on our android smartphone. The traditional way to manually find and remove these files proves time-consuming and attracts a lot of effort. Rather than wasting our valuable time, Duplicate photos & file finder apps for Android works as a quick solution to fix issues related to duplicate files on your Android device.

Thankfully, you can find plenty of the best duplicate file finders for Android on the Play Store that is useful for eliminating replicas effortlessly.

As this case increases many users are searching for the Best duplicate file Finder for Android or the Best free duplicate Photo Remover for Android. Here in this article, we will cover the Best duplicate file remover for Android 2021 along with the Best Duplicate Photos/File Finder Apps For Android.

Best duplicate file finder apps for Android

We will tell you about Android apps that can help you find and remove duplicates and similar photos from your smartphone.

duplicate photo finder

Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer is one of the great apps to find and remove similar photos from your smartphone. Duplicate Files Fixer is the well-known name in this field and hence it’s our first suggestion in this Best duplicate file Finder app for Android. “Duplicate Files Fixer” finds and removes duplicate files from your Android device so that you can recover additional storage space without much ado.

Moreover, similar photo cleaners, the latest feature added to the application will remove similar pictures too. Using this tool, you can search for similar pictures, copies of files stored on the phone’s internal or external storage. In addition, Duplicate Files Fixer scans for duplicate file contents regardless of file name and format. Duplicate Files Fixer is a powerful tool and offers an intuitive user interface and user-friendly experience too. Get it now from Google Play Store

SD Maid

SD Maid will help you keep your device clean and tidy! This innovative tool offers a collection of tools to manage apps and files. It has many features to offer from which duplicate file finder is one. You can instantly get reliable results with powerful search engines. With the help of this best duplicate photos and file finder app for Android, you can detect duplicate pictures, music, or documents, independent of name or location. It allows you to run scheduled searches to save your time and clean your device when not in use. It supports all file types and in-depth cleaning.

Duplicate File Finder-Remover

Easy Duplicate File Finder-Remover is a powerful app that uses smart technology to identify all kinds of duplicate files. You can remove any duplicate files on any mounted disk or folder. Use Duplicate File Finder FREE to find and remove duplicate files. Get the PRO version to delete, merge similar folders, mass select duplicates, and more.

Get rid of duplicate files just in 3 steps:

  • Scan a disk, folder, or Photos gallery for duplicates -> Select duplicates -> Review and Remove duplicates.

In a few minutes, Duplicate File Finder will provide you with a report of all the duplicate files by their categories like pictures, videos, music, archives, documents, and any other specific extensions. It has never been easier to see how much space each file takes.

With Duplicate File Finder Finder, you can scan as many folders as you wish, as well as multiple Photos galleries.

Search Duplicate File

What is the best duplicate photo finder for android? Search Duplicate File!. With Search Duplicate File, an Android smart utility app, you can locate and remove all your unnecessary duplicate files easily and accurately! It can free up a lot of storage space on your Android device! Once you have run a search with the application, you can apply one of two different options to the results: delete, which deletes the files forever, and excludes, which means that they will not show up again in subsequent searches, but will not be deleted. It specifies a file type, file extension, and file size while searching for duplicate files. It supports all file types and displays previews before taking any kind of action.

Empty Folder Cleaner

Annoyed with loads of empty folders in your file manager? Use this app. This tool is in one solution for your mobile. It is utilized in such a way as to remove duplicate files and delete empty folders. Automatic filters filter out unused programs for years, useless photos and videos copied to Google Photos, and other junk.

Junk Photo & Video Cleaner – Stash

Unable to Click more Photos? Not having enough space on your phone because of forwarded photos? Useless Image Cleaner or Junk Cleaner – Stash outstanding AI (Artificial Intelligence) Engine automatically finds the junk forwarded waste images and also detects duplicate files and photos from smartphones. Now cleaning your phone is just a tap away. It learns which images are important to you & which are junk photos. It also knows when you are running out of space suggesting you clean images daily. So that you don’t have to worry about Storage Space again. This is one of the best duplicate Photos/File Finder Apps For Android.

Gallery Doctor

looking for App to delete duplicate photos on Android? Gallery Doctor is for you. This app allows you to automate a pretty boring process: deleting duplicate or defective photos that are taking up unnecessary space on the memory of your device. Using Gallery Doctor is very simple, it analyzes all the images on your Android and, after a few minutes (depending on the number of images you have), tells you how many bad photos there are, how many duplicates there are, and which photos you should review. All you need to do is review the results and delete the ones you don’t want, keeping only important stuff on your android phone or device.

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Countless duplicate photos consuming your device storage? You can use Remo duplicate photos Remover that can Instantly scan your phone memory and delete duplicate files using computer vision and machine learning AI. It offers configurable visual similarity settings to offer instant and accurate results. Being one of the iconic applications in Remo’s storage management suite, this tool is developed to locate, preview and delete duplicate photos.

With a million downloads the application runs on Remo’s proprietary intelligent Dedupe Algorithm to scan and locate similar photos taken in a burst, HDR, or in any other mode. It’s a great Duplicate Photo/File Finder Apps For Android.


Android runs on open source and it has a huge data/user base. Hence there are thousands of Best Duplicate File Finder Apps For Android. However, we have researched and mentioned some of the high ratings and are definitely considered as one of the best duplicate photos cleaner apps for android. This Duplicate photos finder app helps you find and remove all identical photos & files on your Android device effortlessly.

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