10 Apps You Should Download To Your New Smartphone in 2024

Have you just unboxed your new smartphone, done with all settings and downloaded all essential big social media apps like Facebook, Insta etc? Now it’s time to fill your smartphone with some of the best and most productive apps available in the PlayStore. We know that you already have some apps in your mind, but we have got a bunch of suggestions that you might like to have on your smartphone. So we have come up with 10 apps you should download to your new smartphone. Those apps that will solve your basic needs, the apps for having fun, for reading and make the phone work better.

Best free Android apps in 2024

This is a list of great apps you should download to your new smartphone to start your device, keeping it clean, safe and easy to use.

We’ve handpicked these apps so that your life with your new phone is much easier. What’s even nicer is that they’re all free to download and use.

Pocket Casts – Podcast Player

Pocket Casts is the most powerful podcast platform, an app by listeners, for listeners. Although Android has its own podcast app, this one could be a very good alternative. Podcast player provides next-level listening, search and discovery tools. You can find your next obsession with your hand curated podcast recommendations for easy discovery, and seamlessly enjoy your favorite shows without the hassle of subscribing. Pocket Casts is owned by NPR (Now sold to wordpress.com owner Automatic).


Dropbox is our next suggestion app that you should download to your new smartphone. Dropbox lets you upload and transfer files to the cloud, and share them with anyone. Backup and sync docs, photos, videos, and other files to cloud storage and access them from any device, no matter where you are. And with advanced sharing features, it’s easy to share docs and send files—large or small—to family, friends, and co-workers. It’s a cloud storage app that gives you extra space to backup, upload and share, scan and transfer files to the cloud, automatically. An easy backup and sync vault with safe access to your private or shared files. Today with the help of you can easily manage and share family albums, video albums and more.

The only drawback is that the free version of this software offers you a miserly 2GB of storage plan. Although, if you need more space, you can upgrade to premium plans starting at $10 per month for 1TB of storage.

Plex: Stream Free Movies & Watch Live TV Shows Now

Plex is our next app you should download to your new smartphone. It’s a streaming software that helps you to stream movies and TV shows, plus 180+ channels of live TV, instantly, without a subscription. You can watch live TV and free movies anywhere, from any device, with Plex. Watch your favorite movies from Crackle, Warner Brothers, MGM, Lionsgate and more! Enjoy hundreds of free, full-length movies from every genre: action movies, anime movies, horror movies, children movies, dramas, comedies, documentaries, and much more. Watch TV series you know and love or discover brand new shows with Plex’s streaming services.

However, you can stream files to other computers for free, to send them to your Android phone—while avoiding limits on your file sizes—you’ll need a $5 per month Plex Pass subscription. You also need a powerful Internet connection for avoiding video buffering.

Foxit PDF Reader – Edit and Convert PDF files

Want a free PDF reader for your new smartphone? Try Foxit PDF Reader Mobile. This is an easy-to-use PDF reader which allows you to view and annotate PDF files on Android devices while on the go. The free edition Foxit PDF Reader Mobile also offers advanced features based on subscription (although you don’t need one for day to day basic use) including export PDF, edit PDF, and protect PDF, etc. It is one of the best PDF reader apps for Android users. And come among the Read, annotate and share your PDFs with ease category.


In the list of apps, you should download to your new smartphone one can’t miss out a good VPN app. NovdVPN comes under the most secure and Good service provider VPN.

NordVPN has a feature like Secure Core that aims to protect users against traffic correlation attacks and also Forward Secrecy which means encrypted traffic cannot be captured and decrypted later if the encryption key from a subsequent session gets compromised. They encrypted all their traffic with AES-256 to the user traffic encryption. Depending on the platform, the software also offers a number of VPN protocols to choose from IPSec, L2TP / IPSec, PPTP or OpenVPN. NordVPN is truly a valid safe VPN option its a leading worldwide VPN provider trusted by over 36 million users. For the best alternative, you can also use Express VPN.


Among the apps you should download to your new smartphone photo editing app is a must. Snapseed is definitely among the best photo editor apps. Google bought this a few years ago. The app has grown into quite a powerful photo editor in this space. It has support for RAW photos which will please photographers greatly. You can also tune the image using a variety of sliders and one-touch enhance tools. There are also some filters as well if you’re into that. It’s deceptively light and simple for how powerful it is. The app is also one of the rare free photo editor apps with no ads or in-app purchases. This is the one we’d recommend first for image editing.


Everyone needs a good video conferencing app for their new smartphone, so we did recommend you to use Skype, although many smartphones have their own default video conferencing app but skype can be the best alternative. Skype’s been a name on the list of best video chat apps for a very long time. Microsoft’s offering has an impressive 50-person limit, and it costs you nothing. If you have specific needs, like screen sharing on mobile, or live transcription and translation, Skype covers those bases, too. It is one of the best facetime apps for Android users.


A smartphone does have its inbuilt weather software, but those Weather apps are fine for really basic stuff, but it doesn’t offer the variety of data, sources, or visualization that many users crave. AccuWeather is one of the most well-known names in weather software. The app has more features than you can shake a stick at. Everything from extended forecasts to live radar. The most unique feature is called “MinuteCast,” which shows precipitation on a minute-by-minute basis. You’ll know exactly how long until the rain starts. AccuWeather uses its own forecasts based on a variety of data, and it’s stuff you’ll probably be familiar with, because it’s licensed to thousands of websites, TV and radio stations, newspapers, and more. AccuWeather has a lot of features for a free app, but be aware that it’s loaded with ads and tracking (which you can disable). It’s among the best weather apps you should download to your new smartphone.


Music is the way of living said by many smartphone users, so how can we miss that in the top 10 apps you should download to your new smartphone? Spotify is the best music streaming software so we did recommend you to install that. Spotify has been just great for music streaming and it’s among the most popular free music apps ever(although it has ads). It boasts a generous library, curated stations and playlists, and the ability to create your own stations and playlists if you so choose. The free version of the service isn’t as robust as the paid version ($9.99-$14.99 per month), but there are still plenty of things to like about Spotify’s free service.


As we said earlier your life will become easier with the help of these top ten apps you should download to your new smartphone, Clue is one of them. Clue is the period calendar, fertility tracker, and cycle tracker that adapts to you and your unique cycle: the more you track, the more you learn, and the more you start to live in sync with your biology. Clue is more than a period tracker – it’s an accurate menstrual calendar, ovulation app, and pregnancy tracker that helps you take control of your reproductive health. Plus it helps you to set reminders so that you never get surprised by a period again.

So we have done with our top 10 apps you should download to your new smartphone. Any suggestions that you want to say can be written down in the comment section, or you can email us too. For any queries feel free to ask.

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