Manually Upgrade to Windows 10 version 22H2 Update FREE

Microsoft Rolled out Windows 10 2022 update version 22H2 for Everyone with a few features and that mainly focus on productivity and management. This time it’s delivered with a small enablement package available through the windows update. It means it’s quicker to download and install windows 10 version 22H2 as regular windows updates. Compatible Devices connected to Microsoft Server will get the update and Upgrade To Windows 10 22H2 update Automatically via windows update, Also Microsoft Offered Various Tools Such As Upgrade Assistant, Media Creation Tool, and Windows 10 ISO File To make The upgrade process easier.

Install Windows 10 2022 Update (22H2)

If for any reason your Machine has not received the update, Here are Some Different Ways to Manually Upgrade to Windows 10 2022 update for free. In this post, we have to share some Basic Tips To check what prevents windows from getting the latest update. And how to manually Get the Windows 10 2022 Update using Upgrade Assistant, Media Creation Tool, and Windows ISO File.

Check the windows Service Is Running

Before forcefully Upgrading or Install windows 10 2022 Update first check the basic Things and find out why windows didn’t receive the latest upgrade.

First, make sure the windows update service is running and set to start automatically. So the latest windows 10 update will be delivered through the phased rollout. To check and Enable Update Service

  • Press the Windows key + R, Type services.msc, and click ok to open the windows service console,
  • Scroll down and look for windows update service double click on it to open its properties,
  • Change the startup type automatic and start the service if it’s not running.

Force via Windows update

With Windows 10 Microsoft sets Windows Updates To Install Automatically. But if Due to any Reason Updates are not Installed, windows didn’t check for the latest updates then you may not receive the Windows 10 22H2 Update. That causes you to have to manually check and install windows updates:

  • Press windows key + X and select settings from the context menu,
  • Go to update & security then windows update and hit check for updates button,
  • If your device is compatible, you should start seeing the feature update to windows 10 version 22H2,
  • Click on Download and install to allow upgrade your device, once the downloading process complets, click the Restart Now button.

windows 10 version 22H2

Note: If Windows Update Fails with Different errors, stuck at downloading the update, Then Reset windows update components by the following link and again check for updates.


Once you complete these steps, the update will begin installing just like a regular update, but it’ll take a little longer to apply. If a prompt appears, select your privacy settings, and continue with the installation.

Using Windows 10 Update Assistant

Sometimes a computer is compatible with the latest feature update for Windows 10, but for unknown reasons, it didn’t get the latest updates. To deal with issues like this Microsoft also offers the “Windows 10 Update Assistant Tool,” which is specifically designed to manually update a supported device to the latest version of the OS.

  • You Can Download the Update Assistant Tool, then Right-click on the executable file and Run As Administrator.
  • Click yes if ask for User Account Control Access.
  • Now you’ll see the Windows 10 Update Assistant introductory screen, When you are ready to proceed, click Update Now.

windows 10 22H2 assistant

  • First The Update Assistant will run a compatibility check on your system and check each of its major components.
  • If your device is compatible, click the Next button to begin the upgrade.

Update Assistant Checking hardware configuration

  • Now click next The actual download will begin a few moments after this screen appears. The download process will take a little while to complete, Wait until complete 100% complete.
  • Once the download is complete, the Update Assistant will verify the download to ensure a successful installation.
  • Now you will see a countdown will appear in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • Once the update is ready, You can wait 30 min to automatically restart windows, click on Restart now to restart immediately, and install the windows 10 version 22H2 Update or you can schedule restart later.

Windows 10 Update Assistant downloading updates

  • After clicking on Restart, this will start the windows 10 2022 update installation process.
  • The installation takes about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on your hardware and internet speeds.
  • After your computer restarts (a few times), Windows 10 will go through the final steps to finish installing the update.

Then You’ll see the Login screen, After you enter your password and get back into your system, you’ll encounter the final screen of the Update Assistant, Like, Thank you for updating to the latest version of Windows 10, click on exit.

Using Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

Microsoft also offers the Media Creation Tool that allows you to manually perform an in-place upgrade or clean installation of Windows 10 latest version 21H2.

  • Download the Media Creation Tool from the Microsoft support website by clicking the Download tool now button.
  • Then Double-click the MediaCreationTool.exe file to start the process.

Download media creation tool

  • First Click Accept to agree to the terms and conditions, Next Select the Upgrade this PC now option and click Next.

Media creation tool Upgrade This PC

Confirm that the Keep personal files and apps option is selected. If it’s not, click the Change what to keep link to modify the settings. Otherwise, your files, apps, and settings will be erased in the process. Then click the Install button to begin.

The Windows 10 setup will take over and install the 22H2 Update on your PC, laptop, or tablet while keeping your apps, settings, and personal files. The installation shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes, but it’ll depend on your hardware configuration, internet speeds, and other factors.

Upgrade windows 10 21H2 Update using ISO file

Microsoft also releases the Windows 10 ISO files for the Version 22H2. You can now download the Windows 10 2022 yodate 22H2 ISO files Directly from Microsoft Server By the Following link, Bellow.

Then Create A Installation Media (CD / DVD) Or Bootable USB Device by following this link. And with the help of installation media, you can upgrade or Perform clean install windows 10.

I hope by Following the above steps you can easily upgrade to Windows 10 Version 22H2. Still have any queries, or suggestions, or face any difficulty while applying the above steps feel free to discuss in the comments below.

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