6 Disadvantages of Using Google Chrome Browser

Which web browser do you use on your mobile? Most of you would say Google Chrome. The point is also true. Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world. But not that it is the best. There are drawbacks/flaws of this web browser. Regardless of whether you continue to use this browser or leave, but it is our duty to tell you about the Disadvantages of Google Chrome browsers.
Google Chrome browser is hungry for battery and data

chrome RAM usage

Google Chrome browser consumes a huge amount of RAM and battery of your system. Many times you will notice that most of the battery of your Laptop or mobile has been consumed due to Google Chrome. In Windows operating system, you can see by opening Task Manager. You will get an idea of ​​how much RAM Google Chrome is consuming. This happens on both smartphones and computers.

Don’t care about your privacy

Google Chrome web browser does not care about your privacy. To say, Google Chrome has many privacy focused features and the company also makes big claims. But this is not sufficient. Since the big revenue of Google Business comes from advertising. That’s why collecting your data is most important for Google and the Google Chrome browser helps Google to collect your data.

You are doing something on a website using Google Chrome. In such a situation, your data is going to that website, along with Google is also collecting your data. Now think what is the need of this?

You all will know that Google tracks you in many ways. One of these is also Google Chrome. Even if you are not using Google search or are not using any other service of Google, Google knows the IP of your device because of Google Chrome. Even if you are using VPN.

The Bitter Truth of Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode

Many people use the Incognito Mode of Google Chrome, On the hope that searches or activities done, there will not be tracked. but it’s not like that.

Everything done on Incognito Mode is stored with Google. The only major advantage of Incognito Mode is that browsing history is not saved. But browsing history is being saved with Google. That’s why it gives people the wrong sense of security. You will definitely remember this while using Incognito Mode from next time.

Competition is ending in the market

In a way, it can be said that Google is in possession of the Internet. From search engines and browsers to mobile operating systems, Google has a large share in the market. It can be said that other companies are not in the race at all. It is not that Google Chrome is the best browser. If you look, you will find many web browsers in which good features are available. Privacy focused web browser.

For other browsers to get space, you have to try those browsers at some point or the other. In such a situation, they will get a chance and the competition in the market will increase. At one point of time, even Google might be forced to give strict privacy in its Chrome browser.

The company links all your activities done on the Google Chrome browser to your Google account. In such a situation, Google is tracking your activity including your location.

Using this data of yours, companies show you ads. Sometimes these ads bother you. Many times you buy things that you do not want to buy by looking at these ads. Money is also spent a lot in the affair of panic buying.

Extensions of Google Chrome can also become a headache

Extensions of Google Chrome browser can harm you. The way you get malware attack in the phone from Google Play Store in Android smartphones. It is possible here too. Every day we report that a bug has been found in the extensions of Google Chrome which has led to the theft of data. Google Chrome users use a lot of extensions. These extensions not only benefit you but also cause huge losses.

Google’s control over the Internet 

Imagine you create a website and you have to follow Google’s guidelines. One is because your website is visible in Google search and the second is because your website should be visible on the Google Chrome web browser.

If Google decides that your website does not follow the next guideline, then it should be blocked from Chrome. In such a situation, no one will be able to see your website on the Google Chrome browser. So what will you do?

Here comes the matter of competition. If people start using browsers other than Google Chrome, then this monopoly of Google will not work and other players will also get a chance.

There are also some browsers that do not store your data, do not track you and do not monitor your activity. These browsers are tested by security experts and privacy advocates and can be trusted.

However, these browsers have their own limitations. Since they don’t track you, you won’t get ads based on your behavior. Search prediction will not be found. But you can ignore all these shortcomings at once to maintain your privacy and internet a free space. The rest is your choice.

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