Importance of Good Web Hosting for your website [Explained 2024]

When it comes to good hosting, it’s important not to cut corners. Choosing a hosting provider for your business is a top priority decision – it’s not an expense, it’s an investment. After all, hosting is about storing your website and data in a place where it can be accessed anytime, anywhere via the internet. Good hosting means that your website is fast, always accessible, and comes in affordable, scalable, and offered in a cost-effective, scalable and low-maintenance package. But that’s not all there is to consider read on to find out how to find a suitable web hosting service.

Does size matter?

If you have decided against “self-hosting” and would prefer to leave the hosting to the professionals, there are a whole range of providers that offer space for your website and data on their servers. Small start-ups with less website traffic have different needs than large companies, for which there are different types of hosting:

  • shared – multiple websites are located on one server, so with limited bandwidth, there are fewer resources but it’s cost-efficient and good for start-ups
  • cloud – the website is powered by multiple servers; if one server goes down, another one steps in, which is great for larger companies with more traffic and data
  • virtual private server – the customer’s website is located on one shared server, but a virtual section is reserved for each customer, offering more flexibility and power
  • dedicated – one customer… one server… for the ultimate in hosting and perfect for large companies

Before signing up with a hosting provider, take time to think about your current and future storage needs. Your provider and hosting type should enable you to scale up your operations without any major problems. There should be space and an option for growth. With Google Analytics for example, you can track your site’s evolution and visitors on a regular basis to make informed choices.

Too cheap and cheerful?

Everything has its price – and that goes for good web hosting too. Don’t just choose any cheap, random provider out there as your decision will affect how your website functions, how fast it loads and it’s level of vulnerability in terms of hacks, malware, and server crashes. Agree to a price you can afford because these days, your website is your business card and can convert your site visitors into valued customers.

Uptime and speed

Let’s face it… 100% uptime is possible, but only in a perfect world. Still, you should not expect less than a value in the nineties, otherwise, some form of compensation should be required.

Speed is crucial – no one has the time to wait for your site to build up over time and not load within seconds. To check the speed of your website in seconds, you can use one of the many free tools on the Internet. Just enter your URL and you’ll get the answer, as well as some reasons why your site is slow and even possible remedies.

Ultimately, speed affects your website’s rankings, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance. But let’s not forget that in most cases, the faster the website is, the higher the hosting costs will be.

Server location

Ever thought that the location of your site’s server could affect your customer experience? The answer is “Yes”, according to IBM: the longer the distance the data must travel, the longer they take to reach the destination. So, it’s wise to opt for a provider with servers closer to your audience to ensure the quick loading of your site. Slow websites result in negative customer experience and higher bounce rates.

Server locations

Exceptional customer support 24×7

Accept only the best when it comes to customer support. After all, you won’t be able to fix the problems yourself, right? Do your research and choose a provider with a reliable service and good reviews. Check the location, time zone, and even the languages of the service team to make sure they are responsive to your needs…. 24×7.

Compliant and secure

“If I hear the EU’s term GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] once more…I’ll…”, but then coronavirus happened and everyone forgot it, but it is still very much there. Make sure that your web host provider and your package are compliant with the privacy and data protection legislation in your country of operation, otherwise, you leave yourself open to very serious problems.

Security is also of paramount importance. With an estimated 30,000 websites hacked globally per day, it’s no wonder that companies choose providers with proven security features and systems. The eventual fallout of a cyberattack can be worth millions in lost data, lost sales, and lost clients.

All in all, good hosting includes a colorful mix of services and features, and should still be affordable and reliable. Let a professional hosting company take care of the technical stuff so you can focus on what you do best.

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