How to fix Internet connection problems on iOS / iPhone devices.

Is your Mobile data is on, but can’t access the internet or mobile internet not working on iPhone? You might thinking why is my internet not working on my iPhone? Don’t worry Here this post help fix the Internet connection problem on the iPhone. Many people search for how do I fix my iPhone when it says no internet connection. Many times, even though our iPhone and iPad show the connected to Wi-Fi symbol, the internet doesn’t work in reality, i.e, no internet access on iPhone. If you are struggling with similar problem, iPhone cellular data not working apply the solutions listed below to get cellular data and WiFi working again on your iPhone.

What problem you might face.

  • Mobile data is not working on iPhone
  • Cellular data is On, but can’t access the internet in iPhone
  • The iPhone is not connecting to internet Cellular Data?
  • iPhone is disabled to Connect Wi-Fi
  • WiFi not working on Iphone

Internet not working on iPhone

Here is the list of Troubleshooting solutions that you can try on and fix your Internet connection problems on iOS / iPhone devices.

Internet not working on iPhone
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If you are using VPN through the built-in feature or via an app, try disabling it. Sometimes, VPNs also disrupt Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity to an extent. In addition, If you are traveling internationally, then make sure that Data Roaming option is switched on your iPhone.

Is your mobile data limit over?

Most carriers offer mobile data services and plans with limited data. So make sure that you have a limited amount of data left to be online and to use internet connection without any problem. Your cellular data limit can be seen through your data plan or by using an official app of your network provider. And also make sure the signal strength of the cellular network is good, sometimes in some regions Network providers are Enable to provide their services. So make sure your signal strength of cellular network is fine. This can help you to deal with Cellular data is On, but can’t access the internet in iPhone issue.

Re-enable Cellular Data

In this step, simply Turn your Cellular Data and WiFi off and wait for 10 to 15 seconds and Enable it again. By doing so it will refresh both Cellular data as well as wifi connection and may help you to solve the internet connection issue.

Enable and disable airplane mode

Airplane Mode disables Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and turns off the cell phone’s ability to connect to cellular networks. So, By enabling and disabling Airplane mode on your iPhone, you’re effectively restarting features like cellular connection, Wi-Fi connection, and Bluetooth too. That will help to refresh your device’s network and should get cellular data and WiFi working again. Here’s how you can do that,

  • Open iOS control center
  • You will see an airplane icon just toggle it on, wait for 30 seconds and then disabled it.

Check Carrier Settings

You can try to check your carrier settings and make sure that they are up to the mark. It is slightly troublesome for you as your device is not over the internet. But, you can check the carrier update settings before your phone went offline by going to Settings > General > About.

Restart your iPhone

Sometimes, all you need to do is simply Restart your device as Restarting your device might be helpful to clear some of the bugs and will definitely help you to deal with the internet issue. A normal restart is good where you have to switch off your device and again Restart it, but here we will suggest you do a hard restart as it is more effective! Here’s how to do that,

For home button iPhone

  • Press and hold the side button or the Sleep/Wae button on the top of your phone (depending on your model).
  • Drag the slider.
  • And your iPhone will restart itself.

For iPhone without home button or Touch ID

  • Press and hold both the side button and either volume button until the slider appears on the screen.
  • Drag the slider, And your iPhone will restart itself.

Reinsert Sim Card

Similar to restarting your android device, rebooting your SIM card may be all it takes to fix the problem. All you have to do is take a sim card ejector tool, remove your sim card tray and again push the tray back in to reseat your SIM card. Save any new configuration settings that you might receive. Many iPhone users have successfully solved the problem with their device’s mobile/cellular data using this method.

Toggle Airplane Mode

Turning on Airplane Mode and then turning it off after a few seconds might solve the 4G/3G or LTE connectivity. To do so; swipe up iPhone Screen (On iPhone X Series, swipe down from the top-right corner) and Turn On and Off Airplane Mode

Restart your router

If you are using Wi-Fi as an internet connection then you should restart your Wi-Fi router once. As restarting your Wi-Fi router gives a boost to your internet connection. And if there is any small problem in the Wi-Fi router that prevents you from using the internet on your iOS device will also be solved. To reboot your Wi-Fi router,

  • Turn off the Router switch and unplug it for 20-30 seconds.
  • Then, plug it back and turn on the switch.

This will definitely help you to solve WiFi not working on iPhone and also solve if iPhone is disabled to Connect Wi-Fi.

Forget WiFi Network

Forgetting WiFi network help many of the users to solve WiFi not working on the iPhone issue. So simply reset your wifi and see if the problem is solved or not. Before you do that, make sure you know the Wi-Fi password as you will have to enter it while reconnecting it again. Here’s how,

  • Open your settings Click on Wi-Fi
  • Click on your Wi-Fi and select Forget This Network on the next screen.
  • Now again connect to the wifi network using the security key (password) and check weather it help fix the issue.

Reset Network Settings.

If you reset your network settings it will erase your Cellular settings, Wi-Fi Settings and make it default. It will Reset Bluetooth settings too. but, you’ll have to re-enter your Wi-Fi passwords after the reset is complete. Keep in mind that this will also reset the Cellular, VPN, and APN settings on your iPhone.  So that all networks will start as new and this will definitely help you to solve the Internet connection problems on iPhone.

How to reset your network settings? Follow the steps,

  • Open your settings app
  • Tap on general settings
  • Tap on reset
  • Enter your iPhone’s passcode(if asked) Now tap on Reset Network Settings.

Update your iOS

Each iOS version has its individual problems that affect certain device functionalities. So your internet connection is not working on iPhone is also because you have an older version of iOS withs lots of bugs. Having up-to-date devices is one of the major prerequisites of every iPhone to work its features normally and properly. Updating your iPhone iOS software is a major solution to all the minor and big bugs you have faced. As an update comes with loads of bug fixes. If you disabled automatic system software updates on your iPhone you can download it manually (if the update is available). Updating your iPhone iOS to the latest iOS 14 would be a great thing. Or else Update it whichever new software available. Here’s how,

  • Open your settings app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on general settings
  • Then Click on Software Update
  • If you see an update listed, tap Download and Install to apply it.


If you Fix Internet connection Problems on iOS / iPhone devices so please let us know from which solution you did that we are happy to hear that from you guys! And if any questions arise in your mind feel free to ask us we are here to solve your queries and doubts.

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