How To Remove Google Account From Android Phones? Here’s how!

A Google Account is a user account that is required for access, authentication and authorization to certain online Google services. It is also often used as a single sign on for third-party services. In short your android device is just incomplete without a Google Account! Google accounts provide access to all Google products and services, such as Gmail, Gdrive, and Web History. And this access is very much necessary for an android smartphone to work effectively and properly. By using a Google account one can access Google Play and YouTube which is an important application for android users.

But what if I want to remove Google account from my android phone?

In this scenario, many users want to remove their Google account from their android smartphone. In this article, we will learn How to Remove Google Account From Android Phones and also how to remove Google account from Chrome.

In this case, you are removing the Google Account from your device and not deleting it! So what is the difference between removing a Google Account from a device and deleting a Google Account From a device? In simple terms removing means it just logged you out of your device, but your Gmail or Google account will be still there and you can again login to that or another device by using your email id and password. And deleting your Google account means you are permanently removing your account from the database i.e, your account got deleted and cannot be revived.

Here’s how to Remove Google Account From Android Phones

Step 1. Open the Settings application on

your device and Scroll down, then click on Accounts or User & Accounts.

Step 2. Click on the account that you

want to remove. In case you don’t see the account name listed directly, tap on Accounts, then tap on the account name you want to remove from your android device.

Step 3. Click on Remove account. A confirmation message will pop up. On that pop-up again click on Remove account.

In case you are removing your primary account, you will have to enter your phone’s password, PIN, or pattern for security purposes. So make sure you remembered it!

And with that 3 simple steps, you can successfully remove Google Account From Android Phones.


Removing Google Account From Android Phones will lead to many services being stopped! And it will remain stopped until or unless you resign from your Google account.

The most important part or feature of Google account is their sync ability. By removing Google Account your Google Contacts, Google Calendar events, Google Photos, and much more will stop syncing. But you will not lose your existing data.

  • Remember If you are using your Google account to show and save the contacts, then they will be removed (but it will not be deleted, you can still access those Google Contacts from . However, if the contacts were saved on your phone memory, then they will stay in your contacts list.
  • By removing your Google account you will ultimately log out from your Gmail account too. But don’t you worry it will not delete any of your mails, you can still have the access to your mails via another mobile where you have login your Google account
  • Removing the Google Account will not make any effect to download apps from Play Store or any third-party downloaded apps. They will remain as it is.
  • What happened to Google Photos! Will, it doesn’t delete or remove or affect your Google photos if you remove your Google account from an Android device. Although the sync will be disabled. So that you can’t enable the backup feature of Google Photos.
  • The data of your Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, etc Will not be deleted. But it will remove the access to view the data on that device until or unless you sign in again.
  • On YouTube, you will be automatically signed out from your account after removing Google Account, but it will not delete any of your subscriptions.
  • If you have enabled the Backup feature on your Android phone, then removing the account will stop any further additions to the backup. In short, no new backups will be created or stored.


Hope so you are now able to Remove Google Account from Android Phones. Please let us know how useful this article is for you. And feel free to ask any kind of query that arises in your mind. We are here to help you always.

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