Easy Way to Fix Unknown Hard Error on Windows 10

An unpleasant pop-up that might appear on your computer screen anytime and interrupts your work is known as Unknown Hard Error. These errors always have the worst timing like when you are playing a game or using multiple programs on your computer or performing any kind of heavy activity on your Windows 10. These activities interrupt your work due to many reasons like

  • Corruption of system files
  • Software made changes in the computer which results in the corruption o the Windows registry
  • Hard disk issues
  • Problem with hardware etc.

This error has the potential to create real havoc in your system as it can turn your screen black, stuck the taskbar and disappear all the desktop icons. This error indicates that there is some problem with explorer.exe, sihost.exe, ctfmon.exe, and other .exe files. So, the right solution here is to find out which file has a problem and then the user can uninstall and reinstall that file to fix the problem.

Sometimes this error is triggered by the corrupted system files or registry entries as well. So, in that case, running a complete scan with the PC optimization software might be a great solution.

Interesting Unknown Hardware Error Fixes

Okay, so if you never want to fall in the trap of this hardware error, then you can keep the solution for the following unknown errors always handy with you.

Run Operation to Clean Boot

If you want to quickly fix the system files and find the problem, then you have to run a program to clean the boot of your Windows 10 computer. This method will help you in identifying the cause of error so that you can fix it. Okay, so to run the boot program, you can use the following steps-

  1. Firstly, you have to press the Windows icon key and R key together to get run dialogue box and then type MSConfig.
  2. Once the System Configuration Window is open for you, then tap over the Services tab.
  3. Here, you have to mark all the Microsoft services hide and disable them all.
  4. Next, open Start Menu and click on Task Manager.
  5. Now, by clicking on each Start item disable them all as well.
  6. Finally, shut off Task Manager and press Ok on the System Configuration Window and reboot your system and fix the error.

Clean boot

Run DISM and sfc/scannow command

It is one of the precautionary methods that you can take to easily solve the errors. Under this method, the power of the commands has been used to fix the problem along with the system file checker and disk scan utilities. To fix your internal system using command lines, you have to follow these steps –

  1. Foremost, you have to press the right click on the Windows key and open the Command Prompt.
  2. In the command box, you have to type DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and press enter.
  3. The scan will take almost 20 minutes to go through all your files and detect the error.
  4. Next run command sfc /scannow and press enter key. This way you will find out which file needs to treat.

Uninstall recent windows update

Since most of the Windows 10 users encountered the DDE Server Window: explorer.exe – System Warning, the best option for users is to update their Windows 10. You might have already heard that updating your Windows 10 will fix most of the errors for you. But, sometimes an uninstalling update can also fix your corrupted system files. Just use these simple method to update your Windows 10

  1. You need to open the Settings first by pressing the Windows icon key along with the I key on the keyboard.
  2. Then, have to select the Update and Security option and next open the Update History option.
  3. Here, you need to Uninstall all the recent updates.
  4. The window with the list of all the recent updates will open up and from there you can select the updates that you want to remove and just press uninstall.

uninstall windows update

Perform system restore

However, you aren’t able to uninstall updates from the Windows Settings, then you might have to enable the System Restore Point. Here, you need to get a point of restore before the occurrence of the error.

  • Just press the Windows key and type create a restore point.
  • Now, select your System Protection and click over the System Restore.
  • Press next and select the restoration point which was created before the error.
  • Finally, press next and finish the process along with rebooting your system.

Use CHKDSK Command

As we have already established that hardware unknown error also occurs due to the damaged hard disk. So, to make sure that and check your hard disk damage, you can run the CHKDSK command and fix the error.

  1. You have to start Command Prompt to enter the command.
  2. Then, once the command box emerges, type command chkdsk C: /f /r and click Enter.
  3. Wait for the scan to complete and once the scan is complete, then you will be able to see what’s causing a problem.

Run Check disk on Windows 10

Okay, so folks, if you follow our instructions to the point, then you will be able to fix the troublesome unknown hardware error with ease. Just find the root trigger of the problem and you will be easily able to fix the errors and make your computer system efficient.

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