Windows Sandbox failed to start, Error 0xc0370106? Try these solutions

With the Windows 10 update, Microsoft introduced the Windows sandbox an isolated, temporary, desktop environment where users can run untrusted software without the fear of lasting impact to the system. No doubt this is an excellent feature available for  Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise users to allow to test untrusted programs in another virtual Windows 10 PC. You can enable the Windows sandbox feature following the steps here, But a recent bug causing Windows Sandbox failed to start, Error 0xc0370106.

Number of users report while try to start the windows sand box form start menu search it fails to start with error 0x80072746, 0xc0370106, 0x80070015, 0x803b002a and 0x80070002.

For someother users the error is different like

Windows Sandbox failed to start with “ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (0x80070002).

Windows sandbox error 0xc0370106

A number of users report this issue on Microsoft, Reddit forum and also Microsoft has confirmed the sandbox error and they are working on a fix. Well, This error is mostly caused due to the supporting virtualization components encountering some issues. here we have few solutions help to fix the Windows Sandbox failed to start, Error 0xc0370106, on Windows 10.

Run the Windows Sandbox as an administrator

The first solution run the application as administrator, a number of users report it worked for them in similar situations.

  • Scroll down to the Windows Sandbox entry in the Start menu.
  • Right-click and select More > Run as administrator.
  • Select Yes for the UAC command prompt or user account control you receive,
  • And the Windows Sandbox will work correctly on your computer.

Install all pending Windows updates

Microsoft regularly releases Windows updates with several bug fixes, may the latest update contain the bug fix for Windows sandbox error 0xc0370106.

  • Open the Windows Settings app using the Windows + I keyboard shortcut,
  • Click on update and security then Windows Update,
  • Click the Check for Updates button to get all pending updates from Microsoft.
  • Restart Windows to apply the changes, and now open the sandbox if there is no more error.


Ensure that all support processes are working

Windows services play an important role to work any Windows feature including Windows sandbox. Check and make sure the required services to run Windows sandbox and its depending services are running state.

Below services must be on running state to run the Windows sandbox normally.

  • Network virtualization service.
  • Virtual hard disk.
  • Hyper – V Virtual Machine.
  • Hyper – V Host Computer Service.
  • Container management services.

Also, you can start, and restart these services from the Windows service console following the steps below.

  • Press Windows + R, type services.msc and click ok
  • This will open the Windows services console,
  • Scroll down to locate network virtualization service,
  • Right-click and start/restart the service,
  • Do the same process with other services.
  • Now again try to open Windows sandbox as administrator.

Start restart windows services

Disable and enable the Windows sandbox feature

Reinstall the Windows sandbox feature probably helps to fix with.

Press Windows + R, type appwiz.cpl and ok

This will open programs and features window

  • In the left pane, click on Turn Windows features On or Off.
  • Locate Windows Sandbox, uncheck it, and reboot the machine.
  • Once the machine restarts, again open the programs and features window
  • Navigate to Turn Windows features On or Off,
  • locate Windows Sandbox, enable it and click apply ok
  • Restart windows after complete the installation and check if this helps.

enable Windows Sandbox feature

Also, try to uninstall the recent kb update and check the sandbox working properly. If yes pause Windows updates for 35 days. Microsoft is already aware of this issue and a bug fix for sandbox error coming on upcoming cumulative updates.

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