Android 12 Features and Changes spotted Recently

“It’s been nearly 2 months since Google released the first Android 12 developer preview” And now Google has finally released its third Android 12 developer preview. So here we are at the end of the developer focused phase of the android 12 pre-release series before the first user facing beta drop next month google has stuffed the latest update with more features and functions, so we selected some of our favorites. Here we have Everything confirmed features and rumors so far. As in this article, we will see the Latest android 12 features and more.

let’s get our usual warnings out of the way first though because this is ofcourse a developer-focused build after all, we do not recommend that you install this on your main or default device. If you want to please only sideload the android 12 developer previews on a secondary smartphone if you do have one, for experiencing the latest android 12 features.

The first beta update is set to drop in around a month or so which should be far more stable and usable every single day, so we have to be little patience here. Here are our top new user facing features in the third and final android 12 developer preview.

Best Android 12 Features so far

“At a glance” Bolder Text

Possibly the most minor of changes in the grand scheme of things but if you use the pixel launcher with Android 12 installed, then you’ll instantly notice that the ever so slightly bolder text used here and the “at a glance”  widget on your home screen given just how many changes there are elsewhere and one of the most notable thing right off the bat just whether or not you like it, it’s gonna be up to your personal preference. There are many changes and a lot of features in Android 12 but this one will be notable easily. So the android 12 developer preview 3 not only just the pixel launcher’s main widget Bolder Text. It has lots more to view at. Read out the full article to get the best Android 12 Features so far.

Rounder UI Design And Menu Changes

There is also a ton of changes to almost all facets of the UI if you hate rounded or bubbly corners then you might actually hate this overhaul of most prominent UI elements including dialog boxes and menus, as forego sharp edges are converted in favor of smoother curves. One of the biggest changes to the pop-up side volume panel although it hasn’t necessarily increased in size the larger bubbly pop-up feels very different to what you’re likely used to boxed off edges look as though they might be off the menu here in 2021 at least for google devices.

The UI tweaks also extend to the media player assumption controls and the lock screen player in android 12 developer preview 3 as artist album art is now rounded to emulate that bubbly aesthetic used, Elsewhere changes extend as far as the recent apps menu. While the pixel launcher now has rounded corners when swiping up into the app drawer.

Widgets too have not escaped google’s overhaul as many widgets that you would ordinarily have square or with sharp edges are now softened, we can definitely foresee this being a big or divisive change in android 12 features that is for sure. Meanwhile, the experience of adding widgets to your home screen has also had a minor revamp in android 12 developer preview 3, with a brand new menu complete with a search bar below that search bar you’ll also find a pair of personalized widget recommendations which we believe are based upon your most used or most recently used applications sticking with the main home UI. So this is for the menu and UI design features of android 12 so far.

Screenshot Editor And Markup Tool Tweaks

Android 12 developer preview 3 also includes a number of features and changes to the inbuilt screenshot editor and image markup tool, for starters the animation when selecting the share or edit buttons is vastly improved.

Another notable here is that you can actually swipe screenshot previews left or right to dismiss which is a neat little update you might not necessarily notice at first but when tapping share you’ll notice a smooth movement into the share sheet. while when tapping edit the screenshot will animate into a full-screen view from the bottom left these are undoubtedly quality of life changes that help improve the buttery smooth feeling that people often associate with google pixel series especially those for devices with 90hz displays such as the pixel 4 and Pixel 5.

The actual markup tool itself has had some tweaks too it does look as though the ability to add stickers or emoji has been removed at least for now but there are now extra fonts to choose from when adding text to an image you’re able to choose from a cursive handwriting or a bold italic typewriter and a bubbly style font along with a standard roboto phone after being spotted in previous builds.

Setting Menu Overhaul and Bounce Animations

Android 12 developer preview 3 also brings the settings menu overhaul officially to devices for those out of the loop the new look menus include larger text and there is a lot more white space on the show here, this is very obviously inspired by one UI’s one-handed design but this feels less wasteful with on-screen space.

Beyond the new design, google has also added a bounce or wobble animation to android 12 as a whole this is easily spotted when you start scrolling the settings menu with a bounce as you hit the top or bottom limit. It’s especially visible in the notifications tray that slides into place after being dropped down as part of that new settings menu overhaul; the battery section has also been on the receiving end of a notable change with the best features we will see below.

Share Wi-Fi Password with Nearby Share

Android already allows you to easily share your Wi-Fi password with a QR code. One of the new Android 12 features is the ability to share your Wi-Fi password using the Nearby Share feature. Nearby Share on Android 12 is Android’s take on Apple’s AirDrop.

Camera and Microphone Privacy Toggles

This is a great and interesting android 12 feature in terms of privacy. The new privacy indicators for the camera and microphone on Android 12 allow you to cut off access to the camera and microphone for every app, and even the OS. This works even for apps that have permission to use them and also for Third-Party apps. This is a great step made by Google.

Battery Percentage Settings Menu Progress Bar

Android 12 features provide you no longer is there a prominent battery logo or icon instead you’re getting a linear progress bar that contains some lifespan information towards the right-hand side of that new progress indicator. It’s also worth noting that the storage menu has also adopted this progress bar design rather than the less obvious circular percentage chart used in previous builds. Neither change will make too much difference to your overall day-to-day life but it helps save overcrowding in these commonly used menus.

System-Wide App Splash Screens

Not all apps have a splash screen but clearly, google wants that to change in android 12. this would certainly unify the look and feel of the os but it might annoy some of you out there when they’re being forced upon you so effectively when launching any app. Android 12 regardless of whether said app has its own splash screen or not, you’ll see a brief system generated icon pop up.

Developers will be able to customize their own splash screen icon and it will only appear when first launching or relaunching after an extended period where the app may have been hibernated. Opening from the app switcher or switching in and out of an application shouldn’t produce a splash screen unless said app has not been launched for a little while. As this is another Android 12 feature we have noticed so far.

Conversation Widget

Personally, we are reluctant to add this as a top new feature in Android 12 as the leaked conversation widget option is only available to select users, however, if you have performed a clean or fresh install of the latest preview then you should be able to add the home screen widget effectively. The conversations widget lets you access or quickly access a specific contact chat or group chat in any messaging app on your device. It’s very much a work in progress as you should see messages no matter the chat app, but so far we’ve only been able to get it to work with google messages. The wiki also dynamically changes based upon your wallpaper even placement or resizing as far as new additions go this might help you get access to the most important people on your phone or contact list at a glance without ever needing to launch an application.

So that’s our top new features of Android 12, not every single feature we have found in android 12 developer preview 3 is which according to the official timeline should be the last developer focused android 12 build before the open beta starts sometime next month so to clarify ahead of time we were expecting at least three developer previews followed by three potentially four user-facing betas for a total of six or seven android 12 pre-release builds ahead of the full stable release in our around September 2021. Naturally, this is the last build aimed at developers so expect bugs and potentially unforeseen problems. If you do want to run this on one of your main smartphones so far they have been fairly stable when compared with previous years but we still cannot suggest updating unless you are happy to live with some issues once the first beta drops you’ll be able to enroll much more easily.

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