Best PDF Reader Apps For Android To Read And Edit PDF Files

PDF is the most important source of the document in this online era. Whether we have to read an online document or to Edit, it is always in the form of PDF(Portable Document Format). There are many best PDF reader apps for Android available in Google Play Store. While searching for a PDF reader, most users always look for the best free PDF reader app with the biggest list of features associated with them. The best PDF readers for Android won’t simply make it easy to read PDFs on your Android device, but also allow you to do more with PDF files such as editing, adding a comment, etc.

Best PDF Reader Apps For Android

So what are the best PDF reader apps for Android? Here in this article, we will see some of the best free PDF reader apps for Android to read and edit PDF files on your device.

Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator

The number one best PDF reader app for Android to read and edit PDF files is Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you need a simple but a lot of features in a single pdf app, Get the Adobe Acrobat Reader app, the world’s most trusted PDF viewer, with more than 1B+ installs worldwide. Store your files online and read PDF files anywhere with this leading, free PDF reader and file manager. You can also view, share, annotate, and add e-signatures to PDF documents.


  • Subscribe to edit text and images directly in your PDF.
  • Fix a typo or add a paragraph with the paid PDF editor feature.
  • Add, delete, or rotate an image with your upgraded Acrobat PDF app.


  • Add PDF notes and comments, including sticky notes and highlights.
  • Write on PDF documents by adding text or drawings.
  • Share a file with others to collect all comments in one place.


  • pen and view PDFs with the free Adobe PDF viewer app.
  • Choose Single Page or Continuous scroll mode.
  • Help save battery with dark mode.
  • Print documents directly from your device.


  • Share files for commenting or viewing.
  • Collect comments from multiple people in one file online.
  • Speed document reviews by responding to each other’s comments.
  • Receive activity notifications for files you’ve shared.

This is an all rounder free PDF reader app for Android to read and edit PDF files.

Xodo PDF Reader

Another best PDF reader app is Xodo PDF reader.

Xodo is an all-in-one PDF reader and PDF annotator/editor. With Xodo, one can read, annotate, sign, and share PDFs and fill in PDF forms, plus it also supports sync with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.


  • Draw and type directly on PDFs
  • Highlight, underline and strikeout text
  • Add arrows, circles, lines and more
  • Merge and split PDFs; rotate pages
  • Use your camera to scan a page, or open an existing image to create a new PDF (tif, jpeg, gif, png)
  • Create new blank PDFs and use Xodo to take notes
  • Sign a document by hand, and save your signature for later reuse
  • Rename, copy, move, or delete docs and folders with Xodo’s built-in file manager
  • Thumbnail browser for deleting pages, changing page order, and inserting blank pages

With all these interesting features Xodo PDF Reader is one of the best PDF reader apps for Android to read and edit PDF files.

Foxit PDF Reader – Edit and Convert PDF files

Want a free PDF reader? Try Foxit PDF Reader Mobile. This is an easy-to-use PDF reader which allows you to view and annotate PDF files on Android devices while on the go. The free edition Foxit PDF Reader Mobile also offers advanced features based on subscription (although you don’t need one for day to day basic use) including export PDF, edit PDF, and protect PDF, etc. It is one of the best free PDF reader apps for Android users. And come among the Read, annotate and share your PDFs with ease category.


  • Read, annotate and share your PDFs with ease
  • Reflow PDF files for easy viewing
  • Easy document navigation with bookmark management features
  • Search for text within your PDF document
  • Add annotations and stamps to PDF files
  • Share PDF files and screenshots from within the application
  • Share multiple files across your desktop and Android device via Wi-Fi
  • Save, synchronize and access PDF files in popular cloud services (Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.)
  • Add handwritten signatures to PDFs

EBookDroid – PDF & DJVU Reader

EBookDroid is also among the best free PDF apps for Android to read and edit PDF files. EBookDroid supports the following ebook and document formats: DjVU, PDF, XPS, FictionBook (fb2 and, Comics Book formats and much more which make it unique and the best PDF reader app which comes with other supported documents too. EBookDroid provides flexible font mapping for PDF documents Text selection and external dictionary support, Text highlighting, Free-hand annotations, Text notes and page notebooks.EBookDroid allows you to customize the way you read on a per-book basis: each document’s layout can be tailored to give you the best reading experience and all settings will be remembered the next time you will open it.

Note:- EbookDroid uses MIME types to handle different file types. Unfortunately, Android and many other file managers might not support all MIME types. When this happens, you will not be able to open said files directly from the file manager.

WPS Office

WPS Office is one of the best and popular PDF Reader App for all types of documents. It is used by me personally and it proves best!. Let see some of the best features this app can provide you,

  • All-in-one Complete Free Office Suite App, Integrate with Memo, Document, Sheet, Presentation and PDF
  • High compatibility with Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Adobe PDF, OpenOffice and Polaris Office.
  • Free PDF Converter, Free PDF Reader, Free PDF Scanner and Free PDF Editor. All in one PDF reader.
  • Easy to Use and Powerful Sheets
  • Automatically save documents as cloud files: Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and OneDrive. Cloud documents are always safe in your WPS cloud office.
  • Easy to Share and Transfer Documents.
  • Supports 51 languages and All Office File Formats: doc, docx, wpt,dotm,docm, dot, dotx / xls, xlsx, xlt, xltx, csv, xml , et, ett / PDF / ppt, pot, dps, dpt, pptx, potx, ppsx / txt / log, lrc, c, cpp, h, asm, s, java, asp, bat, bas, prg, cmd, Zip.

It’s the overall best PDF reader app for Android users.

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