The Cost of Creating a Website in WordPress and What You Should Pay Attention To

By reading this text, you will find out how much it costs to create a website and what are the important factors in 2024 in this regard. Is it necessary to pay a lot to make a website? Does the low price of making a website automatically mean a failure? What do you need to pay special attention to when you set aside money to create a website? And finally, why creating a website in WordPress can be the best solution for a small business?

To the question that everyone is surely interested in and which is – how much it costs to create a website for a small business – there is no universal answer because everyone is looking for their own price. We cannot simply say – it will cost you exactly that much.

But here lies exactly the biggest problem – understanding the price and what you get for it. How much is that work really worth and does anyone ask for too much but gives little in return? Well, like everything in life, you need to rely on trust and reliability, especially when it comes to doing business.

Website design is an important element in business. When you have someone you are confident in and can count on a job well done, then it is absolutely worth paying as much as needed. i.e. as much as that person/agency requests. So, be careful and be well informed to whom you will leave the creation of your website and what is the cost of creating it.

Why Do You Need a Website?

Creating WordPress Website

You need a website for Internet marketing, that is, to make money with it. Everything on the website has a role to sell, sooner or later. What to sell? Well, a product or a service. How to sell? Immediately, directly, via the Internet through that website. Or, indirectly, afterward.

This can be done in a way that someone:

  • calls you by phone
  • contacts you
  • visits you at your physical address
  • books you
  • sends you an inquiry

To make money from a website, you need to set up a lot of things properly. This is the only way to get the maximum of it. And best of all, in most cases, you will outperform the competition. As we said, hire someone you trust to build you a website but you can also try to do it yourself because there are platforms for site designing in existence that make it easy for anyone to build a website. Even a lack of previous experience or technical skills will not pose a problem to get the job done.

When it comes to the question of how much it costs to create a website, it no longer makes sense to create a website and then leave it without some planned and subsequent actions (we do not mean redesign or even maintenance). The thing is, the Internet is more and more cluttered with various content and there are more and more sites fighting for visitors and for their place on the web.

The competition is constantly growing and there is always someone new who wants to take their share. That is why the most important step in creating a website is not the design itself, but all those tasks that need to be done later. And, these are first of all:

  • Writing quality content for that website (blog posts preferably)
  • Promoting that content to interesting and targeted user groups
  • Building relationships with visitors
  • And finally – reaching new customers, clients, and customers through easy sales

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Website Where You Really Get Quality Service?

Quality web and blog designs in WordPress range between $ 500 and $ 1,000. These are approximate prices for most needs of small clients. Sometimes you can find a service for a smaller amount than the initial one we listed. It would then be for some blog or a completely simple website. Rarely does the amount go over $ 1,500. Such an amount, even ‘heavier’, is invested by larger companies, and for larger projects. It is already a more professional and quality service where you leave your time and money to someone else to do a quality job for you.

Communication is always important. In order to be able to understand what you need and ask for that, you need to be well educated and informed.

Website Visitors Are a Very Important Factor Affecting the Profitability of Marketing Campaigns

This is where the greatest value of a website is and the question of how much it costs to build a website – in its visitors. The other thing is the content of the website itself. It must be:

  • quality
  • informative
  • problem-solving to the visitor
  • one that offers a way to do something, improve, or enhance

Giving some useful yet free value is the best content. Such content keeps visitors to the website, creates trust, and security. And finally, it easily turns visitors into potential customers, and ultimately, into real customers.

When visitors come to that website organically because Google ranks it high, primarily because of the good content, that is the real deal. Then, because of good off-page SEO optimization. From that moment onward, a website is a valuable tool, which brings continuous profit and new clients to the business.

So, that is what ultimately pays off – web content creation. That someone arranges it all for you well, organizes it, and plans it. And finally, that someone is leading you all well. Voilà, you have a tool (website) with which to make sales. This is what you need to aim for and not to have a website without purpose and meaning.

Now, getting that is not easy. It is a long-term job. And, the problem is that it is hard to guarantee something 100 %. No results can be 100 % guaranteed, especially not through a certain short period of time.

Let Your Website Be as Your Best Employee

The continuation of the title would be – not to go on sick leave, not to ask for days off, to work 24/7. So, look for quality and count on quality. A website should not just serve as an extra. Do not only make a page but also put in a lot of work later around the page itself when its design is already completed. It will take a lot more work and, above all, a lot more quality.

Quality is what gives you a strategic advantage on the Internet. You see, there is a lot of garbage on the Internet. And things that are good are scattered all over the Internet. And, that is the problem now. People want everything in one place and want the good stuff. So, all you have to do is give them exactly what they are looking for and in one place as much as possible.

This is where your website comes in as a solution to their problems. One part should be given for free. And for what you sell, you will have situations to be contacted by visitors themselves. The thing is in the amount of work and the quality of the same. Everything that is done on the Internet and has to do with digital marketing is divided into three large groups:

  • content
  • conversions
  • traffic

Simply, in order to sell something that you offer over the Internet or advertise in such a way as to get customers, sell goods, and services, and thus make some profit, all these three elements are needed. Now, what you sell also has an impact on that. If the product is deprived of quality, then all this is in vain.

It needs content, visitors, and conversions that turn visitors into customers. It is a complex process that can be divided into already defined stages. If you do not have all of that, then the potential that can be realized through digital marketing is lost. You may have a completed website, that visually looks good or does not look bad at all, but sales are not going well. Some of these three elements are not good then.

Website Without Visitors

In most cases, the biggest problems are content and visitors. There is not enough quality content on the website and the page does not have enough visitors. The problem of lack of visitors is not only related to the quantity and quality of site content but has large and direct impacts on the same.

In order for conversions to occur (the main conversion is the sale and earning money), it is necessary to gradually convert visitors into customers using specific and, most importantly, relevant content. The word “relevant” is extremely important. So it’s one long sales process, long sales funnel. This process consists of capturing attention, interest, increasing desire or creating the need, solving problems, presenting several types of solutions, then presenting your own solution (yours as an entrepreneur or craftsman), and only at the end comes an offer to buy.

In practice, it is a combination of a website, blog, social networks, and email marketing. These fall into the three groups we have already mentioned. Subsequent phases can still be done later, after buying or strengthening the offer.

Now, the success of such campaigns depends on the offer itself, as well as price, quality, sales text (copy), and many other factors. But one of the main ones is the offer, relevance, and pre-sale (‘warming up’ potential customers), which is done gradually or through other content on the page, or through e-mail marketing and even social networks. So what is important from this story is that you always look a few steps ahead.

Conclusion – Really, How Much Does a Website Creation Cost?

If you know and understand what you need and what exactly it serves for, you will be able to choose the best for yourself and, proportionately, you will pay the price for creating a website. You probably do not know if that is exactly what you need…

For example, we have a small entrepreneur who is interested in how much it costs to create a website and who only wants a website that can present his work on the Internet, to advertise on the Internet – use the potential of the Internet. He is the one who would like to take one small part of that big share for himself and thus eventually reach out to the client. Some of the most basic web pages made in WordPress are enough for him.

Now, it is just a matter of doing it well enough, and that can be tough because there are situations where even for a relatively small amount, some 200 and a few more US dollars, paid for a WordPress site, it can be overpaid because for that money you could get a lot more, just if the job was done properly.

Quality web projects develop over three years until they reach a stage where profits begin to accumulate. The cost of creating a website is then higher. To achieve this, then there is not much room for some savings and how to go cheap but a lot of work and investment of both someone’s money and time.

In the end, it is a matter of an individual decision. How much it costs to create a website is not even a matter of whether it is expensive or not, but it is crucial to know what you need and what you get for that price. If you understand what you need and what someone is offering you to get it all done, then you get a better sense of whether it is worth that much or not.

In other words, you need to understand what you are buying. Never buy a “cat in a box”.

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