Facebook Take A Break vs Unfollow or Unfriend (Explained)

Facebook is a social networking site that makes it easy for you to connect and share with family and friends online. Facebook provides many features to its users. For seamless Experience it has well known features Like Facebook Take A Break, Unfollow someone on Facebook, Unfriend and much more. Here in this article we will study what Facebook Take A Break means and how it is different from Unfollow and Unfriend, Cover under the topic Facebook Take A Break VS Unfollow or Unfriend.

Too many uncomfortable and unwanted pop-ups and Updates from your Facebook friends or pages can certainly put off on Facebook’s Feed. How can you stop that by unfriending someone! However, apart from unfriending someone, Facebook provides two other similar functions — Unfollow and Take a break.

What is unfriend on Facebook?

Unfriend is the oldest but a great option available on Facebook to stop communicating with someone. When you unfriend a person, you are removed from each other’s friends list. It’s a win-win or two-way feature. If you unfriend someone, you can still see each other’s public posts and everything on the other person’s profile that she made public, including photos and updates, but not in your feed. One can permanently block a user if you don’t want to see each other’s posts, public or otherwise.

What does unfollow on Facebook?

If you find that one of your friends posts too frequently (or just bores you with their content), or you just have some personal reasons, but you don’t want to offend them by blocking or unfriending it, you can just Unfollow him. As it is the simplest way to do so. Unfollowing is just like, unfriending someone without letting them know. However, they can still see your posts. It’s a way to hide someone’s post from appearing on your timeline.

What does take a break mean on Facebook?

What is take a break on Facebook? Take a Break is an option on Facebook that will limit what you see from the person to whom you take the break. The posts will be there in that page what they post, it won’t just pop up anymore. The best part is that the person doesn’t know you’re taking a break from them. It is a combination of unfollowing someone and adding them to the restricted list (Restricted list is the list where you restrict other people so that you can’t see their feed anymore in your timeline and also they can’t see your private posts). By taking a break, three things happen.

  1. You cannot see the other person’s post on your feed (equivalent to Unfollow).
  2. They will not be able to see your private posts too (equal to adding them to the Restricted list).
  3. You also get the privilege to delete the past posts that happened between you two or keep them intact.

When you take a break, you’ll be able to

Facebook Take A Break
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See less of someone:

Limit where you see someone on Facebook. If you choose to see them less, their posts and posts they’re tagged in won’t appear in your News Feed and you won’t be prompted to message them or tag them in photos. To see their posts again, you can follow them.

They can’t see your posts and the Posts you are tagged in:

By taking a break from someone on Facebook you are able to Hide your posts from the person you want to take a break from. They’ll be added to your Restricted list and will only see posts you tag them in or share publicly. It will restrict all other posts.

Edit who can see past posts:

By using the take a Break feature from Facebook. One can limit their posts from viewing including photos, status updates, videos and more. You can limit posts you’re tagged in or that you’ve tagged someone else in by changing your privacy settings.

Facebook Take A Break VS Unfollow or Unfriend

What Happens To Facebook Stories?

If You Unfriend Someone:-

  • Unfriending someone on Facebook takes the ability to view each other’s stories on Facebook.
  • And also, their story won’t appear on your feed after unfriending.
  • However, if a story is public and you want to visit the other person’s profile, then you can view it. Similarly, they can also do that (if your account is public too)

If You Unfollow someone on Facebook:-

  • In this Unfollow case, their stories will not be visible to you anymore on your feed.
  • However you are free to view their stories by going to their profile.
  • But remember your stories are visible to that other person.

If You Take A Break From Someone On Facebook:-

  • At this case, it depends on two things,
  • If you are limiting their posts, then their stories will also not appear for you.
  • And, if you are limiting your posts from them, then they cannot see your stories even if they came to your profile. That’s how Restricted lists work for you.

What Happens To Posting On The Wall.

If You Unfriend Someone:-

  • By Unfriending Someone on Facebook you will ultimately lose the ability to post something on their wall.
  • Similarly, this situation works like Newton’s Third Law, meaning they can’t post on your wall too.

If You Unfollow Or Take A Break From Someone On Facebook.

  • The reason behind we are explaining these two in one, is in this posting on the wall case it works the same for both.
  • by unfollowing or taking a break, Doesn’t affect the ability to publish on each other’s wall. You both can still post on the other person’s wall if their privacy setting for publishing on the wall allows that.

What Happens to Like And Comments On The Posts

Unfriending Someone on Facebook:-

  • By Unfriending Someone on Facebook, you will ultimately lose the ability to Like Or comment on each other’s Facebook post.
  • However, if the account is public then one can like and comment on the Facebook posts. (It totally depends upon privacy Settings)

If You Unfollow Or Take A Break From Someone On Facebook:-

  • In the case of Unfollow and taking a break, act in the same manner. Meaning if a post is visible, the other person can comment or like it.
  • It totally depends upon the preferences you selected.

Can You Message Each Other?

In all cases, i.e, Unfriend, Unfollow and Facebook take a break. You can still message each other on Facebook. None of the options affects your conversation on Facebook Messenger. Until or unless you Block someone.

How To Take A Break From Facebook?

What does take a break from Facebook mean? If you are really stressed out by using social media apps like Facebook, then it might suggest taking a break from Facebook.

Here’s How to take a break from Facebook:-

  • Open your Facebook account.
  • Tap on the Account menu, choose “Settings,” and select “edit” next to “Manage Account.”
  • This will open up an option to deactivate your account.
  • You will need to re-enter your password and give Facebook your reason for leaving. One can select the option of “This is temporary. I’ll be back.”
  • That’s it! You can revive your account whenever you want.

How to take a break from someone on Facebook!.

  • Launch Take a Break on Facebook Website (after logging in)
  • A pop-up will open and will ask you to enter the name of the person from whom you want to take a break from facebook. Type the name and select it.
  • You will then have to select the preferences.

On Facebook application

  • Open your Facebook application
  • Select the person Profile from whom you want to take the break on Facebook
  • Tap on Friends and select Take a Break from the menu.
  • Then set preferences.

Then select take a Break Preferences.

Firstly, ‘Limit where you see [name of the person].’

In the second section, select the box next to ‘Hide your posts from [name of the person].’

And at last, Facebook provides three options for limiting past posts. You can select them according to your preferences.

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