5 Ways to Hide your Location Online (Stay Anonymous)!

If it was not 2023, we would have been starting it straight from the importance of hiding your location. Thankfully, most internet users now fully understand the why part and many users hide IP addresses with a VPN to keep their location intact.

However, we are still going to explain why it is so important for you to hide your location online. This will help those few who still do not fully understand the importance of hiding their location online. So, let’s get to a brief explanation of why you should hide your location online.

Why you should hide your location online?

There are many benefits of hiding your real location or real IP on the web. The first and foremost is your privacy, which can be easily threatened by someone who can see your IP. This leads to that person then tracking your real location. In addition, all the geographic restrictions are also applied based on the IP address originating from different regions.

The umbrella of geographic restrictions usually covers all the major streaming services, games, sports streaming, and many other interesting events. The only way to overcome these geo-restrictions is by hiding your online location.

There are multiple ways that can be utilized by users to mask their real IP and location. We are going to discuss the five best ways to hide your location online. It will help you be completely private on the web while enjoying complete internet freedom.

5 ways to Hide Your Location on the Web

The following five ways are rated from most effective to least effective. However, all of these methods will help you hide your online location. So, without further ado, let’s move on to the first way:


The most effective and recommended way to hide your location is by using a reputable VPN service. As mentioned above, it is one of the most popular and utilized tools for hiding the IP address of users. A VPN masks your IP address and assigns you a new IP address. This new IP is from the users’ chosen location and the VPN server located in that region assigns the IP to the user.

In addition, the VPN also creates a secure encrypted tunnel between the user and the server, which helps the user be completely secure and private. The internet data of the user is also encrypted by the VPN service, which helps in the security of users’ data and activities.

You can easily hide your location and change it to your desired one using a VPN service. However, you need to pick a reputable VPN service, which actually is capable of fully hiding your location and giving you complete privacy while you enjoy your internet freedom, without any restriction based on your location.


The second commonly used and well known tool is a web proxy. Proxy servers are actually a bridge between the flows of internet traffic and mirror the actions of the users. It acts as a middleman that routes your data packets to your desired destination site as it is initiated by that proxy server.

It is quite effective, however, it is slower than a VPN and certainly does not provide that level of security and privacy. Although it works really well in hiding your location, you cannot expect it to be fully secure. Still, even a proxy can easily help you get change your IP.


TOR or The Onion Router is a very well-known project. TOR is highly regarded for its security and anonymity which it gives to its users. Additionally, it is a free tool that is actually reliable and worth trusting. However, TOR does provide speed at all. The functionality of TOR is slightly different, but the purpose is the same i.e. to provide a new IP address to the user and hide the original one.

While using TOR, a user’s internet data is routed through various nodes. TOR forwards users’ requests for any destination site and by routing it through multiple relays or nodes. This way the real IP address and location of the user is completely anonymized. It is very reliable and effective, however, due to continuous node jumping, the speed of the TOR network is exceptionally slow.

Use of Mobile Network

Another way to hide your IP in the online world is to use your mobile network. It will certainly change your IP and it is effective if your original IP is compromised or being attacked. Although it does not give you internet freedom, But it certainly is a way to hide your IP address. It can be quite useful if you are in an emergency situation.

Use of Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Another good and free way to hide your IP address is to use a public Wi-Fi hotspot. It certainly will change your IP address. It is quite similar to using your mobile network and it is quite effective in getting you a new UP address, which would be in use of way too many people. However, there are many risks of using public Wi-Fi hotspots, because of which we do not recommend anyone to use public Wi-Fi without first connecting a VPN for security and privacy.

So, these are the five ways by which you can change your location by hiding and changing your IP address. We hope that this will help many who still struggle to find a good way to hide their location on the web.

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