Bringing You the Latest of Everything: iProVPN Review

Are you a tech geek? Do you like to test the latest versions of everything or the newest technology in the market? Is privacy and security on the web one of your main concerns? Then, you must be familiar with VPN.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network that generates a private connection for the user from a public connection. It allows its users to share and receive data on the web through the public network as if their sending and receiving devices were connected.

On the other hand, it also guarantees security and privacy while you browse the internet by making sure you remain anonymous. Talking about VPNs, today, our blog is focused on one of the latest entries into the VPN market, iProVPN! We will be going over iProVPN and its services, reviewing whether it is worth the buy or not.


An Overview of iProVPN

iProVPN is a recently launched British Virgin Islands VPN, it is keen on providing you with military-grade security services through its multiple features for example AES-256-Bit Encryption, P2P Optimization, etc.

It is also compatible with multiple devices and software. iProVPN has an app for almost all software like Windows, Android, iOS, MAC, Linux, etc. it also has extensions for Chrome and Firefox. However, due to it being new it has limited locations and services available.

Moreover, iProVPN also claims to bypass almost every geo-restriction and provide you with a safe and problem-free torrenting experience.

In terms of value for money, iProVPN has a fair price range, we can’t call it the cheapest VPN out there. There are probably other cheaper alternatives, however, not all unblock your favorite streaming avenues.

Currently, iProVPN has 3 pricing plans:

iProVPN pricing

  • 1 Month Plan: $10/month
  • 1 Year Plan: $2.9/month, although it is billed annually at $34.95,
  • 2 Year Plan: $2.1/month, although it is billed bi-annually at $49.95,

Moreover, they are constantly coming up with several deals and bundles which save you a lot more money, currently, they are offering a free 30-day trial upon subscription. To top it off, they even have a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you face a problem or want to cancel the subscription within the first month.

iProVPN Features

Here some of the best features we found while using iProVPN.

AES-256-Bit Encryption

With the promise to provide you with military-grade security, this feature is built-in in the iProVPN application, and it ensures your complete security and privacy by encrypting your data and making sure no one can intercept it.

Ad Blocker

The internet has become an advertisement hub, with so many annoying and repetitive ads everywhere, iProVPN and its ad blockers ensure to prevent such ads from bothering you while online.

Internet Kill Switch

Moreover, iProVPN’s Kill Switch ensures that your identity is never compromised, not even when the VPN is disconnected. If ever, your VPN connection faces an issue and is disrupted- the kill switch option automatically kills your connection with the public network to keep your identity hidden.

Bypass Geo-restrictions

iProVPN guarantees to unblock any or all location blocks for you, it makes sure to surpass all geo-restrictions and provide you with immediate access to all webpages. iProVPN has proven to get past Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon prime videos, Hotstar, Disney+ and Hulu’s tough systems and unblock them for you.

Unlimited Bandwidth

iProVPN unlimited bandwidth

It also allows you to download and upload as many items as you’d like since there is no limit. You can enjoy streaming or sharing heavy files easily through the internet- not only will they remain safe; the size doesn’t matter as well!

Smart Connect

With the Smart Connect feature, iProVPN automatically detects the best server for each user according to the speed and requirements. It is specially personalized for you, to get you the very best of connection.

Fast and Safe Torrenting

With iProVPN, you can now enjoy sharing or receiving files through torrents. As it keeps your IP address anonymous, making torrenting a breeze with its unlimited bandwidth and P2P optimized servers.

P2P Optimization

If you happen to torrent or download and upload a lot of data; iProVPN uses P2P Optimization to ensure that your downloads and uploads are safely completely without being compromised.

Why iProVPN?

With the advancement of globalization and the progression of digitization/technology; there has been a stagnant increase in cybercrimes and general vulnerability online. The need to be secure while surfing online is never-ending.

By subscribing to iProVPN, it guarantees to keep secure and private throughout your session online by providing you with complete anonymity, so no criminal or stalk or get hold of your internet traffic.

Moreover, not only does its present security advantages, but iProVPN will also allow you to access blocked websites such as geo-restricted content or sites, or even government/ISP banned sites as mentioned above.

iProVPN security

The Final Verdict:

In conclusion, we believe iProVPN is an efficient option if you’re looking for outstanding privacy and security features and services. If your primary concern is streaming and torrenting, then this is the correct VPN for you!

However, it is not the best when it comes to coverage since its new, it has comparatively fewer locations in its database, and does not have a wide reach range. Some of its servers also need working since they do not respond as fast.

Moreover, neither can we call it the cheapest option, you can find cheaper alternatives online. However, if you want good and reliable privacy and security services then iProVPN is the one to choose!

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