Linux vs Windows -Clash Between two Aggressive Operating Systems

Okay, so today we are going to draw a comparison between two of the most popular computer operating systems – Linux vs Windows. Here, Windows is a rich series of operating systems created by Microsoft Corporation for personal desktops or computers. Every Windows operating system is loaded with a user interface that enables users to use high-definition features. It is designed to work with hardware and processors. Today, almost every laptop or computer comes with Windows software.

However, on the contrary, Linux is an open-source operating system that is designed around UNIX in 1991. It is software that resides under all the software on a computer. Linux users can easily customize the codes and create new distributions of Linux like Ubuntu. It is mainly used as a web server as most of the web pages are generated from Linux on the internet.


Windows 10

The very first version of the Windows operating system was launched in 1985. It was based on simple GUI, an extended disk operating system. However, the breakthrough from the user point of view was released in 1995 which integrated built-in internet support along with the DOS. Most of the Windows operating systems today are running on the same phenomenon. Even the latest version of Windows 10 is an advanced version of it.

Windows offers features like,

  • Multiple operating environments
  • Symmetric multiprocessing
  • Client-server computing
  • Integrated caching
  • Virtual memory
  • Portability
  • Extensibility
  • Preemptive scheduling



In 1991, Linux is created by Finnish student Linus Torvalds (ex-employee of UNIX). The main motive behind this open-source software is to make the computer accessible for everyone. It is also designed with a graphical user interface and has all the essential features of a good operating system. It can be used on computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, storing devices, e-books gadgets, cameras, video recorders and plenty of other digital devices.

Linux was first distributed under GNU General Public License in 1992.

Comparison Between Linux vs Windows

Okay, so if you want to study the cut to cut a comparison between both the great operating systems, then you can check ahead.

According to the market research data, on 92.63% of the world’s PCs, Windows is running, while hardly 1% of PC users use Linux.


Linux gives access to the source code of the kernel to the users which they can code according to their needs. This easy access has both advantages and disadvantages like bugs in Linux can be easily fixed, but some might also take advantage of the weaknesses of OS as well. So, it is both good and bad for the OS. However, Windows doesn’t give access to all the users, only limited members of the group have access to source code.


If you are looking for variety in your operating system, then Linux can be very useful for you as multiple Linux Distributions are available in the market. Additionally, you can easily customize the Linux by playing with the source codes. On the contrary, there are very limited options available to customize the Windows operating system.


Linux is an open-source operation so there’s no need for licensing. Users can freely modify the software for free and can reuse it multiple times. Moreover, users can create new distributions and sell them in the market without any restrictions. In Windows, without the Microsoft license users can’t gain access to the source code and based on licenses, users can download it on their devices.

Command Line

If we talk about the command line, then it is a very important part of the Linux setup which enables the easy flow of the administration and daily tasks. But, from the end-users point of view, it doesn’t create much significance. Windows users also have a command-line option, but they can’t use them like Linux users. They have to go running and enter cmd and only then the command will open up.

Run level

Linux has a very awesome inbuilt feature where it can stop at different run levels that enable users to work with the command line and GUI if any issue emerges while using the program. However, if you face any problem with your Windows, then to fix it you can reboot to run level 3 as an administrator root to find and fix the problem.


It requires some basic skills and knowledge to install a Linux operating system, but it has also the ability to make difficult jobs easier. But, Windows has given the simple user interface to the users for installation. However, Windows indeed takes more time to install the setup.


Windows is an extensively used OS, hackers, spammers target Windows frequently, On the other hand, Linux is based on a multi-user architecture, making it way more stable than a single-user OS like Windows.

Customer support

It is very important from the user point of view to determine the level of customer support offered by Linux and Windows. So, being an open-source operating system, Linux is supported by a large community and user forums which is always eager to fix new Linux bugs. The customer support of Windows is also very nice which can be easily accessible from different user forums and it has paid support also. Moreover, Microsoft offers good support to its users as well.

Well, from the neck-to-neck comparison between Linux vs Windows, it is clear that both the operating systems are polar apart from one another. That’s why the final decision is of the user  – whether they want open-source operating system Linux or fully structured and rich Microsoft Windows.


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