How to fix Hulu Error 94 (6 working solutions to apply)

Can't connect to Hulu? Is your device throwing Hulu error 94? With a wide range of interesting content to stream, Hulu is the choice of millions of people worldwide. With such a huge popularity Hulu error 94 can dampen the user experience. Here is how to resolve Hulu Error 94.

Hulu is the leading premium streaming service offering live and on-demand TV and movie services. Hulu is owned by The Walt Disney Company and Comcast. It’s very popular software with over a million users. But some of the users are facing Hulu error 94 when they try to log in or while streaming the service. Hulu error 94 occurred in almost all supported devices like android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Xbox, as well as in LG Smart TVs. So how to deal with Hulu Error 94? You can solve this error 94 by some troubleshooting solutions given in the article below.

What Is Hulu Error 94?

Its most commonly observed errors on Hulu indicate that a poor internet connection has been used by the supported devices. Or this error 94 Hulu is the hint that the device and the Hulu applications are not compatible with each other. Why did Hulu Error 94 occur?

Internet connection

A bad Internet connection can be the major cause behind Hulu error 94. As Hulu is a premium streaming service it needs a stable and good internet connection while Streaming so that it can maintain a stable connection with its servers.

Hulu is not updated

Hulu error 94 can be triggered if you don’t update your Hulu application. For the good flow of this streaming service, you need to update that application timely. If the application gets outdated the streaming process gets disturbed and throws error 94 Hulu.

Corrupt Cache

A corrupt system browser or corrupt application cache can trigger Hulu Error 94. Caches help us to decrease the loading time of the application but sometimes they get corrupted and we face such types of errors like error 94, Error 95, Hulu Error 97, etc.

Outdated Software

If any of your supported device software like android, iOS, or windows is not Up-to-date then this prevents the streaming process from being able functioning correctly. This can be due to an incompatibility between the application and the software. So make sure to update the system software before launching Hulu. This will prevent Hulu from throwing error 94.

How to fix Hulu error 94?

Whatever the source of error 94 might be, you should be able to quickly fix it by following the troubleshooting solutions below.


Restart the Hulu app

Can’t connect to Hulu? A simple application restart can help you to resolve the issue. It’s the very first step you should do if you are facing Hulu error code 94. It is not just about relaunching the application, you need to force Stop Hulu and then start it again. Here’s how,


  • Open the Settings application and select Apps
  • Locate and tap the Hulu app
  • Click on Force stop
  • Start the Hulu app and try to connect again.


  • Swipe up and stop when you reach the middle of the screen
  • Swipe left or right to find and select the Hulu app
  • Swipe up on the app’s preview to close Hulu, and wait for a few seconds
  • Restart Hulu

Deactivating the Device

The second troubleshooting step to resolve Hulu Error 94 is to deactivate the Device you used to stream Hulu. Something as simple as deactivating and then reactivating the device can fix the stream, and it starts working without any errors. Follow the proper steps mentioned below to deactivate your device from streaming Hulu.

  • Open any web browser and visit the Hulu login page.
  • From that page login to your account (login password required)
  • Find the block icon on the top right, and tap “Account” from the list.
  • At Watch Hulu on Your Device, click Manage Devices
  • Identify your faulty device and Select “Remove” to deactivate it.
  • Now reactivate it by entering the code while logging in.
  • Check whether or not the Hulu error 94 issues have been fixed.

PowerCycling Devices

PowerCycling? It is one of the best solutions to resolve Hulu Error 94. Power cycle a device means turn it off and turn it back on again. Power cycling the device erases the RAM and allows it to boot up with fresh information. It can also be used to reset network activity inside a modem. It is among the initial steps for troubleshooting an issue like error 94 Hulu. You just need to Unplug the power to your Internet Router and the device on which you are streaming. Or Switch off your Smartphone if you are streaming on mobile. And wait for at least 15 to 30 seconds and then plug the devices back in and wait for them to power on. Now Stream Hulu to check whether or not the error 94 issue is fixed.

Clear Hulu application cache

As we know corrupt systems, browsers or application cache can trigger Hulu Error 94 to occur. The solution for that is to clear the web browser cache for PC and to clear the Hulu application cache for Android and iOS devices. The process of clearing the cache on different software is different here’s how,

For Windows PC And Mac. (Google Chrome Browser)

  • Launch Chrome and tap on three dots located on the top-right corner to open menu
  • Tap on Settings, At Privacy and security, tap Clear browsing data
  • Remain in the Basic tab and set the Time range to All time
  • Select the Browsing history, Cookies and other site data, and Cached images and files options
  • Make sure to clear all other options
  • Tap Clear data when you’re ready. It will delete all the browsing data.
  • Restart Chrome and try to use Hulu.

If you are using Firefox or Microsoft Edge as a browser then the process of clearing cache data is almost similar, you can do it easily by yourself by just following the above mentioned steps.

For Android And iOS

  • Android:- Settings>Apps>See all apps>Storage and cache >Clear storage and clear cache.
  • iOS :- Settings>General>iPhone Storage>tap Hulu>Offload app.

For Xbox One.

  • Go to Menu.
  • Choose My Games and Apps > Apps.
  • Highlight the Hulu.
  • Hit the menu on your controller.
  • Tap on Manage Apps > Clear saved data.

Launch the Hulu app and try to use it. See if Hulu Error 94 is solved or not.

Update The Hulu App

There are chances that the Hulu app needs an update. An outdated application can cause a lot of issues among which Hulu error 94 is one. If there are any known application compatibility issues that cause Hulu error 94, they will likely get fixed after updating your Hulu application. To update Hulu follow the steps for different devices:

Update Hulu App For Android,

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Tap on Menu Showing (three lines)
  • Select My Apps And Games Option.
  • Locate Hulu and tap Update.

Update Hulu App For iOS,

  • Open App Store From Home Screen
  • Select Updates.
  • Find the Hulu app and tap Update
  • If you see the Open button, it means that you already have the newest version
  • Open the Hulu app and try to use it.

Update Hulu App For Windows 10,

  • Close Hulu app and launch the “Microsoft Store” from the taskbar.
  • Click the More button located in the top right corner and go to “Downloads and Updates.”
  • Click on “Get Updates” and start the downloading process.
  • Once the update is complete, launch the Hulu app.

Update Hulu For Apple TV,

  • To update, open the Apple Store and check for Hulu under the Purchased section. Select the “Automatically Update Apps” option to allow the system to auto-update the apps.

Update Hulu For Android TV,

  • From the Home screen menu, go to Apps > select Google Play Store > My Apps > check for any Hulu updates. If available download it.

Disable VPN

If you are using a VPN to hide your location from the servers or for any other purpose, it is recommended that you disable the VPN service for a while because it can sometimes cause incompatibility between the ISP and the servers. Disabling VPN can prevent Hulu from throwing error code 94 or 97.

Update Device Software

Having up-to-date devices is one of the major prerequisites of every system to work its features normally and properly. Updating the software is essential because outdated software usually causes compatibility issues with new applications. By updating your system software will fix Hulu Error 94 from occurring.

For Windows,

  • To check for updates manually, open the Control Panel, click ‘System and Security, then ‘Windows Update’.
  • In the left pane, click ‘Check for updates.
  • Install all updates and restart your computer if prompted.

For Mac,

  • From the Apple menu in the corner of your screen, choose System Preferences.
  • Click Software Update.
  • Click Update Now or Upgrade Now: (Update Now installs the latest updates for the currently installed version. And Upgrade Now installs a major new version with a new name.)

For Android,

  • Open settings
  • Then click on the system
  • And then check for a software update. Or you can search the word “update” in your settings
  • Now tap on “download and install” if there are any available updates.

For iOS,

  • Launch Settings
  • Click on general
  • Then click on Software Update.
  • Download updates.

Hulu error 94 can be fixed

While the user faces the Hulu error 94 or can’t connect to Hulu errors. We hope that our tried and tested troubleshooting steps have helped you in resolving the error 94 Hulu. No matter which device or software you face Hulu error 94, this guide will surely help you troubleshoot Hulu Error 94.

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