7 solutions to Fix Windows 11 KB5040442 Stuck download

Windows 11 update taking too long to download or fails to install or having trouble installing windows Updates on your device, let's fix it.

Windows updates are crucial for the security and functionality of your operating system. Recently Microsoft released Windows 11 KB5040442 with several bug fixes and improvements. New updates are set to download and install automatically ensure your device is secured and optimized. However, at times, you may encounter issues where updates seem to get stuck during the download or installation process. Several users report Windows 11 KB5040442 download is stuck, Windows Updates are taking Forever to Install, or the Windows 11 update installation has failed with no error code. Here in this article, we try to find out the reason behind Windows update problems and how to fix them.

Windows 11 update stuck downloading

A Windows 11 update may get stuck during downloading due to various common reasons. Slow or unstable internet connections, insufficient disk space, conflicting external devices, and corrupted system files are some frequent culprits.

  • If your internet connection is slow or experiencing intermittent disruptions, it can lead to prolonged download times or cause the update to get stuck.
  • Windows updates require a certain amount of free space on your system drive (usually C drive) to be able to download and install. If there isn’t enough space, the update process may get stuck.
  • Existing corrupted system files on your computer can hinder the download process. These files may need to be repaired or replaced for the update to proceed.
  • Security software like third-party antivirus programs or firewalls can sometimes conflict with the update process, causing it to stall.
  • Problems with the Windows Update Service itself, such as misconfiguration or a service that isn’t running properly, can prevent updates from being downloaded.
  • If there are already pending updates or downloads in the queue, it might interfere with the current update.

Here is the trick works for most users:-

  1. Open the command prompt as administrator, type the command SC config trustedinstaller start=auto, and hit the enter key,
  2. Once the command is executed, restart your PC and check for Windows updates again.

Check the Internet connection

Internet speed

A stable internet connection is crucial for downloading updates from Microsoft’s servers. Slow or unstable connections can lead to prolonged download times or failed downloads.

The next thing you should check is the internet connection. Because you need a stable internet connection to download Windows updates from the Microsoft server. In addition to this Disconnect VPN, if configured on your device and temporarily disable or uninstall third-party antivirus.

Also, check and make sure, the system drive (Usually the C drive) has enough free space to download and store Windows updates. Or run the disk clean-up tool to free up some space on your computer.

Pro Tip– Start Windows in a clean boot state and check for Windows updates that help fix the problem if third-party service or software conflict prevents Windows 11 update download.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

The built-in Windows Update Troubleshooter is designed to detect and resolve problems that could prevent updates from being downloaded or installed.

  • Firstly, launch the Start menu and click on the Settings app.
  • Inside Settings, select the System and click on the Troubleshooter option.
  • Then you can select the Other troubleshooters and click on the Run tab next to the Windows Update option.

windows update troubleshooter

  • The troubleshooter will check for problems that could cause Windows Update to fail — like incorrect security settings, missing or corrupted files, or problems with services.
  • Once done, restart the system and install the discussed update.

Reset Windows Update Service

Resetting the Windows Update Service can sometimes resolve issues related to the installation of updates.

  • Press Windows key + R, type services.msc and click ok to open the Services window on your computer,
  • In the new screen, scroll down to select and right-click on the Windows Update, then select Properties from the sub-menu.
  • Inside the properties window, set the Startup type as Automatic and click Start next to Service status as Running and click apply
  • If the Windows update service is already running right click on it and select restart,
  • Finally, you will be able to install the discussed update on your system.

Reset Windows Update Component

If any of the above solutions did not help to fix Windows Update problems on your device, then Resetting the Windows Update Components clears the update cache and ensures fresh update files are downloaded from Microsoft’s servers.

  • Open the windows service console using services.msc. Locate the windows update service right click on it select stop,

stop windows update service

  • Now open File Explorer using Windows key + E and navigate C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download
  • Here delete all files and folders inside the download folder, to do so press Ctrl + A to select all and hit the Del key on the keyboard,

Delete windows update cache windows 11

Once done, restart the system and now you can install the latest updates on your device.

Run DISM and SFC Scan

Another solution to fix Windows 11 update problems on your device is running the DISM and System File Checker tools. This process will detect the corrupted system file and repair them automatically. To do so,

  • Firstly, type “cmd” in the taskbar search box and open the Command Prompt window with Admin access.
  • In the command prompt screen, type or paste the following command and press Enter to continue.
    DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth 

DISM and sfc utility

  • Once the scanning process gets completed, again type or paste the following commands and press Enter to restore repaired system files,

Sfc /scannow

  • Finally, Reboot your PC and retry to install the Windows update on your system.

Use Microsoft Update Catalog

Still, if you are not able to install Update on your Windows 11 PC, then you need to install the same update from Microsoft Update Catalog. To do so,

  • Firstly, launch the browser and you can go to the Microsoft Update Catalog page.
  • Then type Update number for example “KB5040442” in the search box and press Enter.
  • On the next screen, choose the file compatible with your system, and download and install it on your system.
  • Now you have installed the latest updates.

Windows 11 KB5040442 download

Switch to Google DNS

Few users report, that changing the DNS address, (Switch to Open DNS) helps them fix the Windows update stuck download problem on Windows 11.

  • Press Windows key + R, type ncpa.cpl and click ok to open the network connections window,
  • Right-click on your active network adapter select properties,
  • Locate and double-click on Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) to open its properties,
  • On the next window, Select the radio button, use the following DNS server addresses, and set as the preferred DNS server and as the alternate DNS server address.
  • Checkmark on validate settings upon exit and click ok, then apply to save changes.
  • Now try to install the Windows updates again.

Switch to Google DNS

Windows 11 Installation Assistant

Well if you are trying to upgrade your device but Windows 11 Update Download is Stuck for hours in such case you need to apply the above solutions first. If none above solutions fix the problem for you then download Windows 11 Installation Assistant from the Microsoft site that helps upgrade to Windows 11 without any problem.

  • First, launch the web browser and navigate to the Windows 11 Installation Assistant page.
  • In the new screen, choose the Windows 11 Installation Assistant and click on the Download now button

Windows 11 Installation Assistant

Once downloaded, locate the Windows 11 installation assistant, right-click on it select run as administrator, this will check if your device is compatible with the Windows 11 upgrade, if it passes follow on-screen instructions to download and install Windows 11 on your device. Here a video refers to how to upgrade Windows 11 using an installation assistant.

These are all about installing Windows Update on Windows 11 and its fixes. If you have any queries or concerns regarding this article, you can leave a comment in the comment box below.

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